Vivian Apple & The Sword Of Pollux {Volume 1}

Vivian Apple is not a normal teenager. She is not a freak. She is not a monster. And she is not a zombie. She is actually a spellcaster. Her steparents think she is a weirdo and her best friend starts to notice weird things about herself too. One night, Vivian gets kidnapped by a man with a black cloak and she starts to worry. Then she notices that she is taken to a school full of spellcasters and she doesn't feel like she fits in. Everythings is weird in that school. Owls can talk. A man named the Paranormal Vaxoron Blackshadow is planning to destroy the school. They have to use wands and other magical stuff. They have to be prepared to fight Vaxaron and his Shadow Clones, as knights. And they have to find the Sword Of Pollux to defeat Vaxaron.


1. Prologue

"Professor Pollux! What will we do with her?" Mrs. Vex looked at the baby. "Put her here." Mrs. Vex followed Pollux's order. "Bye little powered munchkin." Lumber cried. They put Vivian on a house porch for someone to care of her."Do we have to do this? Come on. She's a child for mage's sake." Lumber cried."It's what's best for her." Pollux went to the door and rang the doorbell.

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