Newfound horror

Josh, a seventeen-year-old boy has been caught in the past times of..who knows where. He meets Rose Bud, a 16-year-old ghost who he saved and on return saved him. Josh and Rose need to find who the top man of this realm is and why he is causing so much pain.


1. Prologue


The door slammed shut and Josh was alone in the cellar, the damp wood of the stairs beneath him; the cold, crumbling brick was against his back, and the darkness seemed to coat his eyes in thick, black ink.

He stopped crying instantly. Once the door was shut, it wasn't wise to cry. It wasn't wise to make any noise at all, because, as always, something had arrived with the darkness…

“Hello?” Josh managed to stand and stumble forward in the darkness but kept composure. He felt a large, bony hand hit him and grab quickly to his shoulder. Josh gave a little yelp when he felt himself lifted from the concrete floor.

“STOP!” Josh yelled and kicked then was flung into a wall. He hit hard and slumped in pain. He stood and ran for a distant light down a tunnel, he yelled, ran and stumbled blindly toward the light. He tripped and fell into cold water, he thrashed and got up again and felt himself being lifted.

“No! Please don’t! I want to live!”  Josh heard a light, fluttery voice fill the void of unheard terror.

“Relax, just run!”

“Should I trust you?”  Josh asked nervously but excitedly

The voice replied again.

“I’m Rose Bud. Hi, now, RUN!”

Josh did what Rose Bud said and started in a dead, tired run. He was surprisingly agile, he felt the bony hand again and a sharp, hot object stab his leg. The pain was excruciating and he struggled more with his running. He thought that his death was imminent. He grabbed wildly for a tool to use in self defense and felt a handle of something. He snatched it up and swung it around as hard as he could. He heard a high-pitched scream; like a train whistle of a tiny train mixed in with screeching tires of two semis. He yanked a heated dagger from his leg and ran ignoring the searing pain in his upper leg. He came to a wide stream of light and saw Rose Bud’s terrified face.

“You okay? You look as scared as I feel.” Josh looked at her curiously face when her face changed from terrified to calm.

“Just at that moment. Now, please help me. I’m trapped here. I need you to break that crystal orb to free my soul and I can be human again!”

Josh looked where Rose Bud was pointing. She was pointing to a black, crystal orb about the size of his head. He knew that he had to break it otherwise he wouldn’t be free. Josh ran forward with the sword in his hand. He cut the chains around the orb and shoulder-slammed the marble column that the orb was resting on. He heard a creak then a loud crash followed by a shattering noise. He had fallen with the column and couldn’t exactly see through the immense amount of dust and flying vines that came with the breaking of the pillar

“Rose Bud! I did it!” Josh lept to his feet and watched as Rose Bud was smiling and floating an inch from the floor then her feet lightly touched the floor. Her face lost it’s pale lust and her hair and eyes turned brown. She had a bright smile as well. She reminded Josh of his younger sister who is now 6ft under ground.

“Thank you so much Josh! My problem now is to find an adoption orphanage.”

“Nonsense! Joey exclaimed. “Once my mom hears that you saved me and I saved you, she will be more than willing to adopt you! You remind me of my younger sister anyway!” Josh had a slight suspicion that  Rosebud was his younger sister but never thought any more about it. He held out his hand for Rose Bud and headed up a staircase that had come falling down when Josh knocked the pillar over. Rose Bud grasped his hand and followed him up the staircase. They got to the front doors before hearing a low whistle turn into a high-pitched wail. Josh remembered the sword in his right hand and held it tight for he knew that this day wasn’t over. The killer didn’t give up.

                 .      .      .


Chapter 1, Facing pain


Josh spun around quickly and ducked immediately at a flying dagger. He had found new bravery and strength in himself, almost as if he could face his demons. Josh heard Rose Bud shriek and felt her let go of him, he turned to see the killer holding her with a jagged rusty dagger to her throat, now that there was light...the killer was revolting in every way imaginable. Josh saw his pale bony body was concealed in a long, ripped and filthy cloak. His face was gritty and nasty, and it looked as if his face was decaying and soggy. Josh flinched at his appearance and sized him up. Josh charged, not thinking of anything but helping Rose Bud. The killer looked at him in ugly confusion as his face took on the look of surprise. Josh jumped and drop kicked the killer and felt satisfied when the killer had let go of Rose Bud...but the satisfaction was crushed by a raging fury. There was blood, Josh didn’t kick the killer hard enough to draw was Rosebud's. The killer had hurt Rose Bud, all bets were off. Josh was enraged and he felt a powerful rush of adrenaline take over.

The killer knew he had made a mistake, he slowly stood up. Grinning so wide it could break mirrors and split faces. He realized the boy they called Josh was starting to become his old self again. The killer would die. He finally spoke…

“Finally, Josh...You are becoming gargoyle. I...Devin..Am the one to witness it..” His voice was scratchy and almost as if he was gargling mucus.

Josh screamed in anger “How do you know my name? Who are yo-”

Unfortunately, Joey was cut off by Devin’s severed head slamming into his stomach. He stumbled back and threw the head, disgusted that he touched it. "Yuck! Why?!"

He shuddered and wiped his slimy hands on a nearby statue






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