Deal for Love?

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  • Published: 12 Oct 2015
  • Updated: 13 Oct 2015
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You are an Entrepreneur in the Financial District. Your favourite thing to do? Mess around with and tease the pink haired man known as Uchini Masakaki, but one day, the tables turn and Masakaki gets the better of you in a way you never suspected.~


2. A Time to Spend

    You lay quietly on the couch as you think about what had happened the night before. It wasn't the night of the kiss. It was the night Masakaki took you into his arms. His warm chest against yours, his pale lips, his grin and laugh, but also his passion. He made sure you were ready and were okay with everything he did, but sometimes he did do things unexpectedly. Then again, that's just like the menace.


    You can still feel his arms wrapped around you, his warmth, his breath on your neck, and his words whispering in your ear. But then you freeze. He was still there next to you on the couch asleep. You look over and watch your pink haired lover sleep soundly. He turns over and curls up next to you, making you freak out inside at how adorable he looks. You try to hold in your craziness, by cuddling up to him and hugging him. Masakaki smiles and hugs you back as he plays with your hair.


"(name)... do you want to know something important?..." he asks you quietly


"What is it?..."


"I love you..."


You gasp as your face turns pink "W-What?!"


"You heard me. I love you." he says again with his huge grin and with a giggle


"B-But why?..."


"Because... I have always loved you. Since the day I brought you to the Finance District."


You wait a moment, taking in what he has just said to you before answering "I love you too, Uchini..."


    He hugs you tightly and gives you his dark chuckle before kissing you on the lips passionately.


"Let's take a nap now. You have a Deal in a couple hours..."


"Oh fine."


((Uploaded another chapter for my fangirl friend @Music Saved Me !!~ Love you all!~))

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