Deal for Love?

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  • Published: 12 Oct 2015
  • Updated: 13 Oct 2015
  • Status: Complete
You are an Entrepreneur in the Financial District. Your favourite thing to do? Mess around with and tease the pink haired man known as Uchini Masakaki, but one day, the tables turn and Masakaki gets the better of you in a way you never suspected.~


1. A Kiss to Save

(h/c) - Your hair color

(e/c) - Your eye color


* * * * * * * *


    You watch the pink haired man walk back and forth as he ponders on the fact that you're there.


"What is it that you wish of me?" he asks you


"I told you, I'm here to see you." you say


He raises an eyebrow and grins a little "I understand that fact very well, but I don't understand why."


"Just because."


He chuckles his dark laugh before suddenly appearing in front of you as you sit on the desk "Could it be you want something?" he asks, whispering into your ear as he shakes his cane


You blush a bright pink and look away "D-Depends on what you're thinking of..."


    The grinning man puts a gloved hand on your cheek and strokes it before sliding his pointer finger down the side of your face and rests it under your lip. He sets his thumb on your lip and brings you close to him so that your noses nearly touch.


"Why don't we make a deal?~"


"W-What is it?..."


"I'll give you whatever you want, if you let me make you mine.~" he smirks as his eyes shine


"A-Ah... Uhm..."






    He giggles before putting his pale lips to yours. As he deepens the kiss, he turns his head slightly and you wrap your arms around his neck. Masakaki slides his hand down and pinches your side, making you open your mouth. He smirks and slides his tongue inside your mouth, French kissing you deeply as your face turns a bright red. The pink haired man plays with your (h/c) hair. Soon, he pulls off the kiss, making you whine as you two part.


"You've been wanting that for a while, haven't you?~" he whispers before he kisses the ridge of your ear softly, then your cheek, and then your forehead


"Y-Yeah... I guess..." you look up at him slowly


He looks at you with a smile "I have more to do to you. I'll save it for later.~" he winks at you, then vanishes, leaving you wondering what he meant by that.


((I'm putting this as completed, unless you guys want me to write more! Please comment and like! Thanks!~))

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