bisexual • muke

in which a boy with hair of the coloured variety and a blond fall in love, one of them questioning their sexuality.


9. 9 • eyeliner

luke hemmings 

"lucas?" lucy, a girl in my english class and my sometimes usual friend, said through the phone. she said it brightly, as if to get my attention.

word hadn't really gotten around yet, and people are still calling me "lucas". not that i mind, people have always called me that. people, not including mikey, calum, and ashton. but luke was their thing. let everyone else call me lucas. i don't care.

"mhm?" i say, snapping out of my thoughts.

lucy is equally friends with everyone. she doesn't really have a best friend, but she hangs out with me most, according to her. she's like my best friend, besides calum and ashton (and mikey's my boyfriend), and she knows everything already about me and mikey.

i swore her to secrecy, of course.

i continue to quiff my hair, just for a new look. lucy's voice is kind of static-y over speaker as my phone lays flat on the sink counter. i hold the backcomb between my teeth as i run my fingers through my hair, fluffing it a little.

i could practically feel her smiling over the phone. "come over, love. i need your help picking out some clothes for tonight."

"clothes for what?" i furrowed my eyebrows, even though she couldn't see me.

again, i could practically see her wiggling her eyebrows as she spoke to me. "got a hot date tonight, lucas."

she was also, in fact, the only one besides ashton, mikey, and calum who knows i'm bisexual. it's a relief to have her.

i chuckle softly, not wanting my brothers, or worse, parents, to overhear my conversation with lucy. "oh, yeah? with who, hot shot? i'd love to know."

a few seconds pass, and i know she's just pausing for dramatic effect. "daniel."

my voice lets out a fake-sounding, dramatic, overdone, sarcastic gasp. "no, really? wow, it's like you're not even obsessed with him!!"

lucy giggles, "be here in 10, lucas."

as the call dropped, i took the comb out from my teeth and set it on the ground, messing around and making the final touches on my hair.

before i knew it, i was already at lucy's house.


i haven't been to lucy's house many times, maybe once or twice, but that was just to pick up something like a jacket she forgot. her parents weren't home, which may be a concern to some people, but not me. she's strictly my best friend.

nothing could ever change that.

"lucas!!" she squealed as i walked inside her warm room.

i smile at her, "hey luce. you left the door open, so i let myself in. i hope you don't mind."

"oh not at all! it's been a while since i've had a friend break into my house," she winked.

when i don't say anything back, i sit on her soft bed and she breaks the silence. "hey, can i try something on you?"

lucy takes out a black, pencil-like object and turns to me. she was doing her makeup before, only seeing my reflection in the mirror. i'm glad she's facing me.


"can i.. and by the way, you don't need to do this."

i chuckle, "i need to know what it is first."

she flashes me her signature smile and sits in front of me, criss-crossed. "can i try out this eyeliner on you? i usually wear dark purple eyeliner, but my cousin gave me her black one and i usually try it out on my mom, but she isn't here. soo... can i put this on you?" she rambles on and i nod.

"uhm.. sure. yeah, i guess. go ahead."

when she slides the eyeliner on the top part of my eyelid and then the bottom, it feels weird and kind of unnatural at first. but then she gives me a mirror to look at. i don't look bad. i like myself in eyeliner.

lucy grins, full teeth at me. "you look beautiful, darling. how about a little lip gloss too? you can't see it much, but since you already got the eyeliner on.."

i hesitate at first, thinking of what others will say. no. that was the old luke. this is the new, confident, eyeliner-wearing luke. "of course."

i spread my lips open as she slides the gloss around my it, and it doesn't feel that bad. i definitely prefer the eyeliner better, but this wasn't too horrible. when i look at myself in the mirror when she's done, i smile to myself.

this is the new luke. not shy, un-confident luke. i like this new luke.

a gust of wind travels on my leg, and i see that lucy's window is now open. standing there is michael. michael clifford. what is he doing here?

my hands reflexively and self-consciously move to my mouth, covering my glossed lips. why did i let lucy do this? i look foolish.

he smiles when he sees me. "hey luke. lucy."

lucy looks at me, "sorry lucas, i invited michael before you. late as always, clifford?"

"you know me, luce. always making a big entrance."

she chuckles and i do too. mikey joins us on the bed and looks deep into my eyes, no doubt examining my darker-than-usual eyelids.

"are you wearing eyeliner?" he asks.

my cheeks go warm and i nod silently, my hands still over my mouth. "yeah, i am. sorry if i look weird, lucy was just-"

"i don't mind it weird, babe." lucy's expression looks surprised and happy when mikey called me babe. "plenty of guys wear eyeliner. gerard way, david bowie, jed elliot.. i wear eyeliner sometimes too, you know."

michael's kindess makes me feel better.

i am so damn lucky to have him.

"you two are pretty," he chuckles at me and lucy. "lucas and lucy. sounds like a bad country duo. but cute." he gives lucy a look. "not that cute, luce. this boy's mine."

"this boy's mine." mikey's words rewind in my head.

only his.


kinda fangirled when i wrote gerard way tbh

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