bisexual • muke

in which a boy with hair of the coloured variety and a blond fall in love, one of them questioning their sexuality.


8. 8 • molecules

luke hemmings 

at first when michael sits down next to me at the table, he sits in front of me. i notice his eyes shifting at the empty spot near me and across from me. he's debating whether to sit next to me or not. adorable.

eventually, he ends up sitting right next to me, on my right.

"soo.." i say, waiting for him to speak. he doesn't actually expect me to be the one to start, does he?

"i screwed up," he says.

i tilt my head, confused. "what? how?"

"i'm so sorry, luke," he sighs, "i should've never brought you to meet my friends. they're jerks, don't listen to them." he starts to ramble on, apologizing way too many times.

i can't help it. i kiss him. mikey seems shocked at first, probably thinking, "why the hell is this blond idiot's lips pressed to mine?" after coming up with that thought in my head, i pull away.

the kiss itself was awkward, and i regret doing it.

michael's mouth forms into a slight smile, and he looks up at me.

he chuckles, "what was that for?"

i blink, "um- i- i don't know, i just really wanted to do that. i mean, i'm sorry. i shouldn't have-"

he cuts me off by, this time, kissing me.

we stay like that for a while, completely oblivious to the people around us in the building. this kiss is different from the one a minute ago. it's eccentric. and it feels like. it's electric and it feels like a chemical reaction has formed between us, like molecules.

when we break apart, i'm panting slightly. mikey seems fine. he must've done this before. of course he has.

"i-i've never-" i stutter, swallowing and looking down and up at him. "i've never done this before, i'm sorry if it was horrible-"

"luke," he smiles, full teeth showing. "it was amazing, babe. don't worry about it. okay?"

babe? michael clifford called me babe.

i nod, "yes, of course." my voice cracks. i clear my voice this time, making sure i have no cracks or stutters or something this time. i do not need puberty to be affecting me now. "i mean, okay. yeah. so, um.."

"will you be mine?"


michael's hand brushes against the back of my hand, and he takes my hand in his, intertwining our fingers together.

"yes, mine."

instead of talking this time, god knows i can't right now, i kiss him. my hand moves to his neck, my finger brushing against his jawline. i cup his face in my hands, nodding. "mhm."

but michael clifford was kissing me. and that was all that mattered.


i have so many muke feels rn omfl

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