bisexual • muke

in which a boy with hair of the coloured variety and a blond fall in love, one of them questioning their sexuality.


6. 6 • blue haired

luke hemmings ​

"so there's really such a thing as bisexual?" jayden asked with one hand on the steering wheel.

it was just us today, surprisingly. mikey said jayden wanted to hang out with me, and i had no idea why, i still don't. why would you want to hang out with me? i'm a blond, i don't fit in with the punks. but nevertheless, i agreed anyway. just because jayden was mediocre nice to me during the one time we hung out with everyone else. i hope he doesn't plan to get me drunk or something. i actually don't really like the taste of vodka. one time when i was 15, i was invited to a party, accidentally drank something, and spit it out in front of everyone. that was not one of my proudest moments.

my eyes followed the buildings as we drove, and i shrugged. "i guess so. i like boys and girls, so it's possible. but isn't bisexual just liking two genders? it doesn't specifically have to be a girl and a boy, does it?"

jayden chuckled, "i don't know, man. i've only ever screwed girls. not saying that it wouldn't be hot doing it with a dude, but that doesn't mean i will."

my mouth forms into a smile, and i can't help but let out a short laugh. jayden flicks his cigarette out of the window through a small crack.

i don't have a reply, mostly because i can't think of one. jayden continues, "we'll find out today, my light haired friend. we're going to my girlfriend's house."

"girlfriend?" i tilt my head at him.

"well not my girlfriend, she's a girl friend. she's lesbian, but she's willing to try things with bi-curious boys. don't be frightened, she isn't a hooker or anything."

"i am relieved that she isn't a hooker," i sigh.

jayden parks in front of a house that i don't recognize (although i don't recognize any of the houses in this neighbourhood) and we climb out of the car. he walks confidently to the front door as i stick with my hands in my pockets, anxious to see what we're doing here.

the girl from the last time we hung out, the blue haired one that didn't really speak, answered on the first knock. she smiles and i decide that i like her the best. she, whatever her name is, pulls us inside and locks the door behind us.

she puts out her hand for me to shake, "nice to meet you, luke. i'm-"

before she can introduce herself, jayden rudely shushes her. when she tried to speak again, jayden just shushes her louder. she crosses her arms in frustration and finally gives up.

"don't say your name," jayden warns. "it'll ruin everything."

she sighs and steps close, too close, in front of me.

jayden sighs in annoyance, "what are you waiting for? kiss."

i blink twice in confusion, "kiss? what do you mean kiss? i didn't sign up for any kissing." i look at the girl, "did you?"

jayden interrupts her once again, "whatever. i told you you were going to find out if you were bisexual in the car, didn't i? isn't that what bi-curious people do? experiment?"

"well, yeah, but-"

the girl speaks up, "let's just do it. he'll definitely keep bothering us if we don't. he's really annoying in that way."

before i can understand what's fully happening, i feel her lips on mine. it's so sudden, and for a second, i'm not kissing back. it feels good - not good good, but physically, just in general. i don't feel anything, and for a second, i'm kind of scared. am i supposed to feel something with her? i don't. is that normal in any way?

we make out some more, which i think is very enjoyable for jayden. i feel awkward and unnatural, completely different with mikey. i don't know why i am even thinking about mikey right now. her hand moves down to my shirt and i pull away.

i clear my voice, "that was.."

"amazing?" she raises an eyebrow at me.

i shrug, but not in a rude way. "i mean, it was alright-" i stop speaking, realizing how stupid i sound saying this to someone right in front of me.

jayden pats my back, "i'll let you figure the rest out."

as we walk out the door, the blue-haired girl shouts, "nice meeting you luke!!" for someone that i just suddenly made out with, she's still friendly. does she do this a lot?

i realize i've not even gotten her name yet.


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