bisexual • muke

in which a boy with hair of the coloured variety and a blond fall in love, one of them questioning their sexuality.


4. 4 • smoke

luke hemmings 

michael asked me if i wanted to hang out with his friends, which i thought about declining, but i politely accepted. i mean, i wanted it to be a lazy sunday day. you know. scrolling through my twitter feed, watching titantic (well, that's a lie, because i've never seen titanic), staying underneath my blankets (hopefully with mikey), and listening to front porch step on full blast.

my doorbell rang. i rush downstairs, unaware that i skip a step and trip. i groan and force myself to get back up again, and run a hand through my hair, opening the door. i smile at him, but he doesn't smile back. a half-smile smirk doesn't really count, does it?

he flips his newly-dyed dark purple hair, and i notice a car unevenly parked in front of my house has four people inside, most likely his friends.

"ready to go?" he asks.

i nod, and his hand takes a small piece of my hair, moving it back into place.

"it was misplaced," he states and tugs me toward him.

for a moment i think that he's going to kiss me, which i would definitely not complain if he did, but instead he let go of me and sat shotgun in the passenger seat of the car. it's packed, the car is small, and there aren't enough seats for everyone. one girl with stretched ears and a septum piercing grunts when i sit down. his friend with dark brown hair, who's name is jayden seeley, puts the keys in ignition and we're off driving.

jayden, probably the only nice-enough person here to actually talk to me, glances at me through the rearview mirror.

"so lucas. luke, lucifer," he chuckles, making fun of me.

okay, maybe i was wrong to call him nice.

"yeah?" i reply to him.

he makes a sharp right turn, "what kind of music are you into?"

i shrug, "i dunno. i really like green day, blink-182, sum 41.."

jayden scoffs, "all old. that's, like, old-school punk rock. i mean, they're not bad, but do you know how old billie joe armstrong is? he's 43. that's older than my mom."

"your mom is older than everyone," one girl with bright pink hair sitting next to me laughs.

he shakes his head, placing one hand on the wheel and taking out a pack of cigarettes. he places one in between his fingers and into his mouth, flicking the lighter on.

"want one?" jayden asks.

michael cuts in, "luke doesn't smoke, so no."

i, myself, don't smoke. but this is michael's friends, and that doesn't mean i can't start.. i need to impress them. i mean, we are dating, aren't we? i could be mistaken. but he kissed me.

"i'll have one," i say.

michael looks at me strangely, but shrugs and brushes it off. jayden hands me a cigarette, as well as the lighter, and i hesitantly take it by my pointer and middle finger. i place it between my lips and it takes a few tries to get the lighter on, but eventually the light flickers. i struggle at first to light it, and i hear jayden chuckling at me, but i finally get it. i breathe in deeply, and then exhale with my mouth open. the smoke flows out and my chest gets tight. i cough maybe once or twice and the septum-pierced girl snorts.

"first time, lucifer?"

"my name is luke," i correct her. "and.. i just-"

michael take the cigarette away from me and puts it in his mouth, smoking the rest of it. before i can respond, the other boy in the car with dark dark brown hair with a quiff's smoke floods the car, and i cough once again. michael hasn't said an official word to me. i can't help but wonder where the other michael is, the happy, chirpy one that kissed me in his room.

the dark brown-haired boy looks at me, "so what's your sexuality? hetero? pan? don't date at all? sorry, but i can't help but wonder. you just seem so.. innocent."


"i, well..." i shrug, trying not to make a big deal out of it. "i'm bisexual."

he lets out a wolf-whistle, "so that means you can have a threesome with me and her and you wouldn't mind?" he tilted his head to the pink haired girl and she punched him lightly.

michael sighs in annoyance and jayden parks the car in the back of a building, with an alley in front of us. saying that i think nothing of it would be a lie. if i've learned anything throughout my life, it's that i shouldn't go in dark alleys with punks who smoke. but i do anyway.

we all get out of the car, and into the alley. we stop where it's still fairly dark, but can still see each other. the walls are a faded blue color with a few chipped paint pieces falling off. the dark haired boy, who i still have yet to learn his name, leans against the wall with the pink haired girl sitting down in front of him. they're both smoking cigarettes, and she sat down on the ground in front of his legs, facing me, michael, and jayden.

eventually we're all smoking, except for me of course.

jayden throws his cigarette on the ground and steps on it, getting out another one a few minutes after that. he lights it ever so carefully, then exhaling.

"hey luke, ever heard of the band with confidence?"

absolutely not. i've never heard of them in my life. i shake my head, "no, i haven't. are they any good? i'd love to check them out."

he scoffs, "oh, definitely. the lead singer is me."

i say nothing, only to let jayden take over again.

"so you a mikey, huh?" he says.

i blink, "what?"

he looks at me like i'm an idiot. "you know. aren't you two a thing?"

michael cuts in, "no, we're just friends."

jayden shrugs, "i was gonna say, you two look cute together. like kellin quinn and vic fuentes, andy biersack and juliet simms. i'll let you both decide who the juliet simms is in the relationship," he winks at me.

the alleyway is filled with dead silence. i'm not mad at jayden about the andy biersack, juliet simms comment. that'd be shallow. it's because i actually thought me and mikey were a couple. god, i was stupid.

the dark haired girl who's name is aly, (kind of ironic, since we're in an alley), offers me another cigarette. i actually take it this time, not caring one bit about what michael or jayden thinks. i breathe in deeply and exhale, without coughing this time.

i feel more relaxed than i ever had in a long time.


yes, with confidence is an actual band (and the lead singer, jayden, actually knows mikey and he is vv attractive c;).

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