bisexual • muke

in which a boy with hair of the coloured variety and a blond fall in love, one of them questioning their sexuality.


2. 2 • gel pen

michael clifford 

i think this is the boy that calum was just talking about. even though i can only see him from the back, calum wasn't wrong. he is cute. our teacher goes on about how columbus sailed the ocean and i tap his shoulder. he turns around, and i can see his face. he's even more attractive in the front. his eyes are so blue, and his black lip ring is on his left side.

"can i borrow a pen?" i whisper.

he smiles. and damn, that smile. his teeth are brighter than my future, i'm not even kidding. i find myself staring at him. he bends down for his backpack under the desk, and i have to force myself not to look. he sits up again and hands me a liquid blue gel pen. a gel pen. is he rich or something? no one gives someone else a liquid pen. but he's new here, so i guess i should expect that from him.

"thanks," i take the pen and grin.

"you're welcome."

jesus motherfreaking christ. even though it was just a whisper i heard, his voice is so deep. when did he hit puberty? at age nine? has he been this attractive ever since? he turns around again so i can only see his back. is it possible to be absolutely smitten with someone over the course of five minutes of knowing them?


luke hemmings

that michael guy is actually really cute. his hair looks so fluffy, i just want to reach out to it and touch it. what conditioner does he use? i want to take his hair and make a blanket out of it. but that's kind of weird..

he has an eyebrow piercing. it looks like it hurt like hell. i mean, yeah, i have a lip ring, but it didn't hurt as much. eyebrow piercings are close to your eyes. how did he do that?

the bell rings and i get up from my seat. calum is already out the door. no one is in the room except for me and michael. i'm still packing my bags when i see michael in front of my desk, waiting for me. he smiles when i look up at him, and i can't help but smile back. we go out of class together, walking a bit too close. close is fine with me, actually.

"i'm michael," he says.

"lucas," i reply with. "but you can call me luke," i say, remembering calum's nickname for me.

he put his arm around me, and for a moment, that was the only thing that mattered. that is, until he walked away. i suddenly remembered that he still had my pen, and i wanted to say that to him as an excuse to stay longer.

"see you around, luke," he said.

and he was gone.


this is so cute wth

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