bisexual • muke

in which a boy with hair of the coloured variety and a blond fall in love, one of them questioning their sexuality.


10. 10 • sub/dom

michael clifford

today is new years. christmas was fine, thank you. luke got me a mixtape of songs, titled songs that remind me of you. most of it is nevershoutnever, all time low, my chemical romance, and the song no more bad days by this wild life, which was put on the mixtape twice.

and honestly? i couldn't be happier. for a while, i was worried he might think i'm a little or submissive or something. which i'm not against, most littles are adorable as hell, i'm just not into a dominant/submissive relationship, or daddy kink or anything. in short, i'm just relieved luke didn't buy me lingerie or anything.

my phone buzzed, a text from luke.

luke :: hi.

mikey :: hey. see u @ the party later 2nite?

luke :: mhm.

mikey :: great ((-:

luke :: michael, i think we need a break.

mikey :: mkay. how long?

luke :: no, i think we need a break forever.

mikey :: what do u mean?

luke didn't reply after that.

mikey :: are u serious?

mikey :: did i do something?

a few seconds later, my phone buzzed once again.

luke :: i'm sorry.

mikey :: i thought you were happy.

luke :: you were.

mikey :: can we work this out?

mikey :: i can't believe ur breaking up w/ me over text.

damn, i hate being all desperate. i force myself to put down my phone until another text from luke comes in.

luke :: i'd just start crying if we did it in person.


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