bisexual • muke

in which a boy with hair of the coloured variety and a blond fall in love, one of them questioning their sexuality.


1. 1 • bi-curious

michael clifford

sexuality is so confusing. like, i thought i was bisexual at first, but then i realized that i'm gay. i don't know why, guys are just so interesting and girls are so boring. i haven't come out to my parents, and it's been like that for a month. they don't suspect anything. i'm an only child, and if i do come out, all they'll think about is me. they won't have time for other children.

calum comes up to me as i close my locker and flashes me a cheeky smile. he's my only friend in this place, and i don't mind one bit. he's gay too. together, we're like ash and pikachu or harry styles and louis tomlinson. not in a romantic way, of course. i'm not his type.

"hey," he says excitedly.

i reply with a simple, "hi."

we start to walk to class together. my books are huddled up to my chest while calum carried his in a backpack. no one really uses a backpack anymore, except for him. i guess that's what i admire at calum - that he's not afraid of what anybody thinks. and if someone does make a remark at him like "you're gay", which i hear occasionally, he usually replies with something like, "yeah, i screwed your brother last night."

"so did you see that new guy?" he asks.

i shrug. "nope. big school."

he nods, "blond hair, blue eyes, taller than the empire state building. seems like you're type, mikey. he's really cute. i'm not kidding, he's like ashton irwin cute."

i sigh, "when will your obsession with him end?"

"never," he laughs and we walk into class together.

the blue-eyed boy was sitting right in the seat in front of me.


luke hemmings

i've only told my parents that i'm questioning my sexuality because they asked me. jack and ben are both straight, but my old friend was gay, and they were okay with it. they seemed to take it well. it was awkward, and it was just the day before i was going into a new school. (mid-through the year. i didn't understand how i could keep up my grades by attending in the middle of the school year).

we were sitting at the dinner table when it happened. jack was in the bathroom, and ben was meeting his girlfriend's parents. he's always been good with parents, that i knew.

my mom looked at me. "luke, you know you can tell us anything, right?"

i nod, "mhm. sure."

then my dad spoke up. "maybe about your sexuality..?"

i look up from my watch and at them. "why are you asking?"

"it's just.." mom sighed. "you've always had boys as your background picture..."

my phone's screensaver is andy biersack. not gonna lie, but he is kinda hot. i think even heterosexuals have him as their background. how could you resist andy biersack? seriously.

i furrow my eyebrows. i took that kind of offensive. "so that makes me a homosexual?"

"no no no!" my dad shook his head. "but if you are, you can tell us."

i shrug, looking down at my phone. "i mean, i guess i'm kind of bi-curious. i'm questioning my sexuality a bit, so i guess there's a possibility i could be.."

and then jack walked back into the kitchen.

i nudge his shoulder, "what took you so long?"

he hit my shoulder in return. "shut up, weirdo."

i chuckle slightly and go back to eating my spaghetti.


a boy named calum walked up to me on my first day at school. he had these dark brown eyes and was wearing an oversized, greenish-gray sweatshirt.

"hi," he smiles.

"hello," i shyly reply. "i'm lucas."

he laughs, "i'm gonna call you luke instead, alright?"

i nod and smile back at him.

"soo.." he starts. "are you gay?"

i blink. did he just ask me if i'm gay? "uhm.." i shrug. "i dunno, i'm kinda questioning my sexuality at the moment.."

"ah, i see." he spots another boy with striking blue hair and waves over to him. "michael!" he rushes over to him, leaving me alone once again.

i saw that michael boy in class. he's sitting right behind me.


when your username is malumaf but you're writing a muke fic.

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