The Adrenaline

[Jason McCann Fanfiction]

"I admit,
I was afraid
to love.
Not just love,
but to love her.
For she was a stunning mystery.
She carried things deep inside her that no one has yet to understand,
and I,
I was afraid to fail,
like the others."

"She was the ocean
and I was just a boy
who loved the waves
but was completely
terrified to

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First published in Movellas in 2016
Copyright Hertta
Cover by Hertta


9. Chapter 8


Pandora Quinn

Once again, I'm lying on my bed staring at the ceiling. I was right, dad grounded me. Things like grounding is rare in our household but not a new thing. When I was younger, dad used to spank me but it ended when I turned 15. Now he just grounds me.

I think he grounded me in fear that history would repeat itself by me ending back on some alley, beaten. And who am I to say against him? He could be right. Jason is not safe to be around but something in him just pulls me towards him. Like some kind of a magnet. I just can't...UGH!I roll over and bury my face in the pillow groaning loudly. Why am I feeling these emotions?! I want an explanation!

The sudden noise of a text message in my phone gets me of guard and I jump almost falling off the bed.

"Geez, who would want to talk to me this time at night?" I mumble to myself after checking the time from my digital alarm. Three bright red numbers stare back at me saying 2:46 a.m. I groan and go check out the message.

From: Unknown

Open your window!


To: Unknown

Why would I do that?


From: Unknown

Just open it!


Groaning again I get up turning on my standard lamp. Soft yellow light lightens the room and I walk to my window. I pull the curtains aside and unlock the window pushing it up. I then push my head out to look around. I hear shuffling under the window and look to see Jason standing there in the bushes. Is he going to come up? Because my room is on the second floor.

"What are you doing?" I whisper yell so my dad won't hear. He's not heavy sleeper but he's not a light sleeper either.

"Go back!" He whispers back. I frown but do as he says. I walk back and sit back on the bed few feet from the window. Apparently he's coming inside.

I hear running and then some shuffling in the tree next to my window. I frown and but keep my place. Soon Jason appears to my window and swings himself in from one of the boughs.

"Hello, beautiful," he says and walks closer as I stand up from the bed. He looks at me from head to toes and I realize I'm only wearing pair of boy shorts and a spaghetti strap top and no bras under it. I cross my arms watching closely to not hit my plaster.

"Jason, what're you doing here?" I ask frowning. Must be my twentieth frown now in five minutes.

"I haven't seen you in school for like...four days now," he says caressing my left cheek gently. I find myself leaning on his touch making him smile.

"Yeah, dad wrote me about two weeks of free days," I say shrugging. I've always hated free days even if I am ill because I'm only left behind and I have to work harder to get where everyone else is.

"What? Why?" Jason asks confused in disbelief.

"Well you remember the paparazzi that got pictures of us," I ask moisturizing my lips. Jason nods frowning now. I sigh and grab the remote of the TV in my room and turn on some random news channel keeping the volume low though.

"...we don't know who is this anonymous young man taking Pandora Quinn, the daughter of the leading lawyer company Queen's CEO, to the movies. But we will be telling if we have anything new.

If you have clues call this number showing on your screen," I press the mute button making the room silent. Jason stares at the TV.

"Shocking, I know," I mumble sitting back on my bed burying my face in my hands.

"Oh my god, I'm on TV," Jason says. I look at him.

"Are you serious?" I ask and Jason just chuckles.

"Of course not," he says sitting beside me. I turn the TV off leaving the only light coming from the standard lamp.

"So that's how dad knows about our 'date' and being the overprotective dad he is, he grounded me," I shrug. I play with my fingers avoiding to look at Jason, trying to avoid the topic that is unavoidable.

"So you're like, famous?" He finally asks. I close my eyes and let out the most heavy sigh of my life. I have had so many relationships only to find that those guys wanted money and a spotlight any way possible. Everyone...except Rick.

I shake my head slightly to get rid of the memories with Rick.

"Yeah, something like that," I say finally daring to look at Jason. Tear falls on my cheek, I didn't even notice I had started crying. "You like that?"

"It's kinda hot," he says and I look out of my window. "Hey what's up?" He asks now concerned when he sees me crying.

"I just...I just..." Tears are streaming down my face. I shake my head but I can't get the image of Rick and I's first date. Our first kiss. Our 'perfect' relationships.

"No, no, no! Go away! I don't want you!" I mumble pressing my eyes closed tightly but the images just won't leave now that I had opened the locker of memories in my head.

"Dora? Dora, are you okay?" I hear Jason get even more concerned next to me. I keep mumbling the word 'no' over and over again but it doesn't stop the words to be heard inside my head.

'I love you.'

Those three words he said to me. All false! He never meant them. He showed that to me about a year ago. I press my hands on my ears trying to silence the voice of his. I know he won't leave my life but I can still try to keep him away.

"Dora!" He hisses and stands up not knowing what to do. "Dora, open your eyes."

I shake my head not wanting to see him. I don't want to see him ever again!

"Dora, I have absolutely no clue what is happening right now," he sounds desperate. "Open your eyes, tell me what is going on, please."

And that last word. Rick had never said it. Not once. That's how I know, this man talking to me isn't Rick. Slowly, ready to fight, I open my eyes and meet Jason's chocolate eyes.

"Jason," I sigh and grab my arms around his neck hiding my wet face in the nape of his neck.

"What happened? Baby, talk to me," Jason whispers in me ear and I lean back to look at him into the eyes.

"He was here," I tap my temple few times.

"Who?" Jason demands looking mad. I don't want him to be mad.

"Rick," I say.

"Rick?" Jason asks looking at me weirdly.

"Rick Kasher," I say his full name. Suddenly Jason's face goes smooth. He shows no emotions. It's kinda scary.

"Shark," he mumbles. Now it's my turn to look at him weirdly. "Tell me how you know Sh- I mean Rick."

"U-umm... H-He's my ex," I say. Jason's unemotional face goes from smooth to furious in under a second.

"I have to go," Jason mutters and stands up straight moving towards the open window. My eyes widen and I shake my head standing up and following him. I grab his fore arm forcing him to stop.

"No, Jason, you can't!" I speak. Jason turns half way looking at me still not showing emotions. I look at him, pleading. "I need you here."

Jason's face turns and it looks like I have hit him with a racket that says 'surprise motherfucker' on it. That's exactly how his face looks like now, surprised. The silence between us is getting longer and the need to explain grows inside me every second and in the end I surrender.

"I-I mean... If-if y-you wa-want to," I say taking my hands off of him and scratching my neck embarrassed. Jason turns fully, now facing me.

"You want me to stay?" Jason asks putting extra emphasis on words 'you' and 'stay'. I hesitantly nod my head glancing at the open window.

I feel a smack in my guts as Jason turns around and looks like he's going to leave but all he does is close the window. I look at him surprised. He wants to stay?! That's new.

"Ok then," he says turning back to me and winks cockily. "If the lady insists."

"Oh, shut up," I smack his bicep playfully before turning and crawling under the cover. I move so there's some space for Jason. "C'mere," I pat the space next to me.

Jason's smirk widen as he takes off his shirt and kicks off his shoes. I check him out starting from his broad shoulders and my eyes going all the way down stopping on the white Calvin Klein boxers waistband.

"Already checking me out, eh?" Jason's voice interrupts my thoughts and my eyes snap back up to meet his brown pools. I release my bottom lip I didn't even notice I was chewing.

"Just come here already would ya!" I order him turning my back to him. I hear him chuckle and soon I feel the bed dip. He moves the cover and pulls me close so my back is now against his broad chest and abs. I bite my lip again. How can someone feel this good?! Mostly I'm surprised by how Jason wants to cuddle. So I turn in his arms now finding my nose almost touching his. Jason has his eyes open and he's looking straight at me to the eyes. I feel the heat rise up my throat to covering my cheeks.

"You're so cute when you blush," Jason says gently caressing my cheek with the back of his fingers. I look down embarrassed when I find myself liking the touch of his cold fingers against my hot cheek.

"You left the light on," I mutter to get the attention off of my hot, scarlet red cheeks.

Jason sighs and moves to turn the light off and soon I'm hugged with the scariness of the dark and the comforting warmness of Jason.



First of all I'm truly sorry for this late update :(

So this is a bit shorter again. Important thing is that I'll be taking a break. I don't know just yet how long but we'll see. During this break I'll be writing chapters but not publishing them. I wish you all will be patient with me since I'm having a really busy time right now and I'm suffering of a little writers block.

Hopefully we'll see each other soon :)


ily all


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