The Adrenaline

[Jason McCann Fanfiction]

"I admit,
I was afraid
to love.
Not just love,
but to love her.
For she was a stunning mystery.
She carried things deep inside her that no one has yet to understand,
and I,
I was afraid to fail,
like the others."

"She was the ocean
and I was just a boy
who loved the waves
but was completely
terrified to

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First published in Movellas in 2016
Copyright Hertta
Cover by Hertta


8. Chapter 7


Pandora Quinn

What am I going to do? What am I going to wear? And the most important thing: what am I going to tell dad?

I'm currently pacing in my room do all these questions and thoughts in my head.

I have absolutely no friends who could possibly cover for me, no one, nada, not a single one...


As fast as possible, I swing to my phone and dial the only number of a person who could help me.


"Tasha, oh. my. gosh. You will never believe what has happened to me!" I exclaim relieved that she picked up.

"I know," is all she says taking me off guard.

"You know?!?" And just before she answers I already know the answer.

"Jason wouldn't shut up about it."

"Of course that bastard would take the spotlight," I mumble. "Yes, but the real reason I called was that could you cover for me?"

"I don't know, I mean, I think I have plans..." She says hesitantly and every muscle on my face falls. "Just kidding!? Of course I'll do it you moron."

A happy sigh leaves my lips and I press my hand on my heart. "Geez girl! I almost got an heart attack!"

"Omg I wish I had seen your face, that was priceless!" She's dying of laughter.

"Haha very funny," I say sarcastically. "Bitch," I mutter after that but of course she had to hear it.

"What was that again?" Her laughter dies right then and there.

"Nothing, I don't know what you're talking about," I say innocently.

"Watch it or you'll feel the revenge," she says and we both laugh to our very dirty minds. "Anyway, was there anything else you needed help with?"

"Actually yes," I say holding the phone between my ear and shoulder walking in my closet. I take out few of my not too fancy but not too casual outfits. "I don't know what to wear."

"Girl, you send me pics of the clothes and I'll help you pic one," she says happily and I'm so relieved for the help.

"Ok, thank you," I say and switch the call to a FaceTime.


After an hour and half of choosing right clothes I'm actually wearing a good looking outfit; white baggy sleeveless shirt, jean jacket over it, black tight jeans pair of black Toms and a brown bag hanging on my shoulder. In addition Tasha helped me to curl my hair - over the phone of course - and I did my makeup, nothing too glorious. With pulling brown boots on I finish the outfit.

I turn and look at my reflection that shows on a full length mirror I have in my room. I spin around proud of the look Tasha and I made. I admire myself until a knock from the front door interrupts me. Who is it? Dad is at work - yeah I feel like he never stops working - and there should be no one coming except Jason but if it's him, he's 30 minutes early.

Anxiously I go to the door and look through the peep hole. I see a man - probably in his mid 30's - standing there. I gasp because that look of his. He's wearing black sunglasses and a leatherjacket - even though his arms were covered I could see tattoos disappear under his sleeves - with a pair of Levi jeans and expensive looking shoes. Even though I can't see his eyes, his face is familiar, too familiar.

I hesitate. Should I open the door and hear what the man has to say or should I just be quiet and let him think I'm not home. I'm starting to fall for the last one but then I hear the man yell behind the door.

"I know you're behind the door!" I gulp and slowly open the three locks of our door and open it just slightly so he can't see inside.

"Umm...can I help you somehow?" This man looks so like him, even though there is difference but the similarity is too big, even blind people could see that this man was somewhat close relative by blood of Jason

"Yes, stay the hell away from my son," he says and my eyes go wide. This man is Jason's father, man who gave him life.

"I-I-I...w-what d-do you m-me-mean?" My body is already shaking out of fear. He just stands there, cocky smirk on his face looking down at me. He knows his affection on me and he enjoys it!

"Stay. Away. From. Jason," he says slowly like I'm stupid. He then walks off like nothing happened. I see black BMW standing on the other side of the street and he gets in it and as soon as the door is slammed shut the car takes off. I stare after it being scared and confused at the same time.

Just when I'm about to walk back inside I see Jason curving on the driveway of my house. I turn and walk outside. Jason climbs up and is a gentleman and opens the car door for me. My hands are still shaking and my heart racing because of the adrenaline pumping in my veins.

"You look nice," Jason says when he's sitting back behind the wheel.

"Thank you," I mumble looking out of the window as we drive off the drive way. I feel Jason's hand under my chin and he turns it so I'm now facing him. My eyes widen and I yell him to keep his eyes back on the road. He chuckles but looks away. I sigh.

"What is wrong?" He asks suddenly so serious.

"N-Nothing," I whisper trying to avoid stuttering but still I can't stop it.

"You know you're a bad liar, right?"

"Yeah," I sigh. Apparently I have no other juice but to open up.

"So, tell me, Quinn, what's going on?" He asks speeding a bit. I don't notice this and I just turn to stare out of the window. Trees fly past us so quickly they mix into a sea of dark green since the sun has already started to set.

"Your father visited me," I mumble not surprised if Jason didn't hear it.

"Sorry what was that?"

"Goddamnit! Your father visited and intimidated me just before you arrived!" I say louder and turn to look at Jason. He looks furious. I've never seen him this furious. He wasn't this mad even when he was about to hit me which scares me a bit. No one knows what he'll do if his anger and temper takes over.

"That son of a - "

"Jason," I shout making him silent stopping him from saying what he was about to say.

"What!?" He snaps. I glare at him. Oh, he did not just snap at me.

"Don't you talk me with that tone," I say. Jason scoffs and looks back in front of him.

"I'll do what ever I want and you have no stopping me," he says. It sounds like a joke but is much more serious.

We sit rest of the way in silence. We arrive at our destination very soon though. I look around me and see that we are at the cinema.

"Are we going to see a movie?" I ask even though it's obvious.

"Yes," Jason says, his tone much calmer now.

"Oh, which one?" I'm getting excited. I love movies.

"Grudge 3," he says calmly. My eyes widen.

"Are you serious?!" My vice is at least 2 notes higher.

"Yes, you scared?" He asks smirking. And me being the competitive person I am, shake my head furiously.

"Me? Scared? Pffftt! You wish." Though inside me I'm like an inch from pissing under myself. I may be a fan of movies but I can't stand horror movies. I'm like a scared deer in headlights.

"Perfect, let's go!" He says and stand out if the car quickly making his way to my side helping me out too.

When we're almost at the entrance of the cinema when I see a flash. I quickly turn my head the direction to see a paparazzi. I instantly cover my face but he manages to take a picture of me and Jason together. Shit, there's no point of a cover now since my face will be a cover.

"Hey, fuck off dude!" Jason yells beside me. Oh no, this is not going to end well. The paparazzi boy just smirks and takes one more pic before running for his life. Geez, what have I ever done to earn life like this? Exactly, this isn't life!

"C'mon Jason, let's go inside," I plead pulling Jason's arm gently. He glares at the direction where the paparazzi took off but follows me inside.

"Who was that? Why'd he take pics?" Jason demands and I sigh. Someone may know my dad but he's not that famous so I'm not surprised that Jason doesn't know him.

"It was nothing Jason, please just...let's just go see the movie," I am not in the mood for this right now. Jason sighs looking at me deep into the eyes. Somehow I feel so naked right now, like he could see my every secret ever made just by looking me in the eyes. I feel so vulnerable but at the same time so safe. I feel safe around Jason.

"Two tickets and large popcorn. Also two large drinks," Jason says interrupting my thoughts and with my cheeks bright red I turn to look the other way as Jason pays. I get my ticket and drink letting Jason carry everything else.

We find our places and sit down. I take off my jean jacket placing it in my lap. I reach for some popcorns and I feel my hand brush on Jason's. Oh my gosh, this is such a cliché but I like the feeling of our skins touching. Embarrassed I pull my hand in my lap resting it on my jacket. I hear Jason chuckle from my right.

"That was such a cliché," he says resting his head back still looking at me. I furrow my eyebrows.

"How do you know anything about clichés?" I ask confused. Jason gives me one of those 'are you serious?' looks and I immediately regret my question.

"I may have a dick but that is not reason for not watching chick films. And you tell no one about what you just heard!" Jason exclaims as he sees me almost laughing.

"You're such a pussy magnet," I mumble smiling stupidly.

"I know right!" He says and now I can't hold it anymore so I let out a loud giggle.

"You d-did not just say t-that!" I say between the giggles. Jason smirks and then the movie starts making me go quiet.


"That. Was. Horrible," I say as I walk with weak knees out of the cinema. "N-Never again. Period."

"Aww, you're so cute when you're scared," Jason coos and pinches my cheek.

"Oh shut up! I know you chose this movie just so that I would get scared and you could say 'I'm Jason McCann, I will protect you with my amazing, big muscles'," I imitate him main my voice all deep and stuff.

"You think my muscles are amazing?" He asks and I roll my eyes. Of course that would be only thing he hears me saying.

"Shut up," I mumble and sit in the car waiting as he come in his place.

"But if you don't count the horror movies, jump scares and the fact that you're one cocky bastard, this night was quite good," I grant nodding my head.

"Good'll be my girlfriend now?" He asks all innocently. Wait what?!


"I said that you'll be my girlfriend now," he repeats this time speaking slowly.

"Yeah I heard you first time, I'm not dumb," I say crossing my arms huffing.

"So you'll meet few people tomorrow," he says turning to my driveway.

"You think I'm going to get out of the house when dad sees my face covering every magazine in this town?" I ask before thinking. I smack my hand on my mouth.

"What?" Now it's him whose confused. I should not have said anything.

"Nothing! Thanks for the movie and thanks for the ride!" I say quickly trying to get out of the car but am pulled back by Jason.

"Hold on for a second," he says and I turn to look at him.

"Jas-" I'm interrupted by a pair of lips pressing on mine. I melt immediately! I could hold these lips on mine for like forever. So soft, gentle and hard at the same time.

"PANDORA GLORIA QUINN!" The yell is heard from my homed pie and hesitantly I turn to look to see my very furious dad standing there his arms crossed he glares at the car like he could see me though the glasses are shaded.

"Go," Jason whispers kissing my earlobe. I obey him and climb out but not without feeling the hand of his squeeze my butt making me jump slightly.

"Come here!" Dad yells pointing the place in front of him.

I sigh and lean bent over looking at Jason. "See you," I say.

"Bye," he says. That's not exactly what I expected but then again it's Jason McCann, that's the best you'll get.

I get off his car and walk towards my dad. I hear Jason start the engine and speed away. Like the good girl I am in front of my dad I go stand on the spot he pointed.

"Where the hell have you been exactly, missy!?" Dad exclaims. I only wish we could take this inside.


"Don't you dad me! You left me a note telling that you'd be spending some time with Tasha but when I open the television all I see is your face, on every single news channel!"

"Dad,  please, could we take this inside. I'm getting cold here," I plead and follow dad inside when he agrees. On that very second the door is closed he continues.

"And you face wasn't all I saw! I saw you, my baby girl, holding on some brat boy's arm! You don't even know how scared I was, young girl! You could've been hurt again!" He says and the last sentence gets me totally off guard. I know he is right but I just can't find it in me to see Jason beating the shit out of me. Not even though he almost hit me already.



Yeah, I know this is a weird spot to end a chapter but I didn't want to make it too long since it's already over 2,000, almost 2,500.

I love you my readers and I'll see you soon :) and as I said in 6th chapter, I'll be quickening my pace in this story so it won't go too slow.

Feel free to ask anything if you didn't understand something or fell off the ride.

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