The Adrenaline

[Jason McCann Fanfiction]

"I admit,
I was afraid
to love.
Not just love,
but to love her.
For she was a stunning mystery.
She carried things deep inside her that no one has yet to understand,
and I,
I was afraid to fail,
like the others."

"She was the ocean
and I was just a boy
who loved the waves
but was completely
terrified to

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First published in Movellas in 2016
Copyright Hertta
Cover by Hertta


6. Chapter 5


Pandora Quinn

I walk out of the girls lock room still a bit sweaty. I'm not a big fan of school's public showers and my day ended anyways!

So I head to my locker where I take the books I have homework from. As I slam the locker door shut I almost have a heart attack.

"Jesus Christ, Jason!" I exclaim when I see him leaning against the lockers. "You almost gave me heart attack!"

"Sorry, Quinn," he says smirking and looking far from penitent.

"Where'd to disappear after math?" I ask as I adjust the heavy bag of mine on my shoulder and lean against the lockers too.

"Aw, you missed me, didn't you?"

"Shut up," I mutter annoyed and try to leave but he pulls me back.

"Hey, this morning I saw someone drop you here with a black Audi," I nod. "Who was he?" I hear a slight bit of anger in Jason's voice.

"Jason McCann, is that jealousy?!" My mouth opens wide. I never thought I'd see this day.

"No, just answer the question!" He snaps and I'm a bit taken aback.

"Sure," I say and Jason looks at me expectantly. "Relax, boy, it was just my dad."

"Seriously?" I see the eyebrows rise from behind his sunglasses. "Your dad has Audi R8?" I nod.

"Yes, why?"

"Just that he has more money I thought."

"Are you serious!?" I look at him in disbelief. "So the only thing you can think right now is how wealthy man my father is?"

"No, no, c'mon Dora, let me take you home," he says stopping me once again. I look at him from head to toes. I'm so NOT going on his Ducati.

"Sorry but not happening," I say whipping him off. I finally get past him but he follows me outside. I take my phone from my back pocket and dial dad's number tabbing the green button. But my phone is snatched from my hand.

"Hey!" I exclaim and turn to look at Jason again. "Give me my phone!"

"I don't think so, babe," he says using the 'babe' again. I hit his chest.

"Give it back!"

"Or what?" Geez I hate when people say this.

"Or something bad is going to happen," I say crossing my arms in front of me being careful with the plaster.

"Is that so?" His eyebrow rises once again.


Jason bursts out laughing his ass off. "You're so cute when you try to act tough."

I huff and glare at him. This asshole. "Oh yeah and you can be so scary," I say sarcastically trying to sound cool but I know he can seriously be dangerous if he wanted to. I just had that kind of feeling of him.

Jason stops laughing and his face turns rock hard. He takes hold of my arms and spins me so my back hits the wall. He puts his hands both sides of my face and leans forward. I look at him ready to do what ever so he wouldn't hurt me.

"What was that?" His voice is suddenly as cold as an iceberg. I shake just a little but it doesn't go unnoticed from Jason.

"Nothing," I peep afraid. Suddenly Jason's whole facial expression takes full 180 turn and a wide cocky smirk breaks the ice.

"That's what I thought," he says staying put. I slap his chest.

"You mother fucker!" I shout. "You do not scare girls like that!" I scold him. He starts laughing again.

"Oh so now you're my mother?"

"Since yours didn't teach you some manners then I could just do that," I say crossing my arms. I see Jason's face fall and he steps back quickly, now glaring at me.

"Never talk about my mother like that," he warns every humour gone from his tone. Since I'm furious I don't stop myself saying the next thing coming to my mind, which may not have been so good idea.

"Oh, is wittle Jason mommy's boy," I say with baby voice. Jason's hand rises and my eyes widen. His hand starts to move and is about to hit me and I turn my head away getting ready for the impact by closing my eyes. But it never comes.

Slowly I open my eyes to see Jason still glaring at me but the hand he was about to hit me with is held back by Brandon.

"Jason! You don't want to do this," Brandon says trying to get his attention from me. I just stand there looking probably terrified to death. He was about to hit me! A girl!

I also see Tasha hurrying towards us and straight to Jason whispering something I can't hear in his ear taking my phone from his tight grip. I wonder if they are a couple. I see Jason relax slowly and after a while he rips his hand from Brandon's grip. He storms towards his Ducati and is gone before you can say 'black cat's big cheeks'.

"What was that about?" I hear Tasha ask but I don't answer. Tears finally find their way from my eyes and nothing can stop them. My eyes are glued to the direction Jason disappeared.

"I'll go watch over him," I hear Brandon mutter and he leaves us girls after Tasha nods.

"Pan? Pandora!" She yells for my attention. I snap my watery eyes to her.

"He almost hit me," I mutter the obvious.

"What did you say to him?" Tasha demands answer. I look at her and frown.

"I just said something about his mother and he got all furious," my chin starts to wobble and another wave of tears stream down my face. I see people turn to look but right now I don't care about them.

"Oh, Pandora," Tasha says sadly and hugs me. I let her. "His mother's just a sensitive topic."

I nod my head and rest it on Tasha's shoulder. For a while we just are. I never take my eyes off the gates of the school since that's where Jason disappeared. Finally I can't take anymore silence between me and Tasha.

"What d-did you say t-to him?" I ask, few hiccups intertwining with my question. Tasha leans back and looks at me worried lacing everywhere on her face.

"Nothing important," she answers and looks over her shoulder. "C'mon I'll call your dad." With that she puts me open my iPhone 6 and she quickly goes through my contacts finding my dad fast. She puts the phone in her ear, apparently dad answers quickly.

"Hey, mr. Quinn, it's Tasha Pond. I'm-" dad stops Tasha and she listens for a while, I wonder what he's saying to her.

"Yes...yes...of course, bye," I don't turn, I don't speak. I just let Tasha gently take my hand and pull me to her car. Dad must be busy if he can't come, wouldn't be the first time since he has missed some of my elementary school shows.

Tasha slams the car door closed after me and I just sit there, emotionless. I see my reflection from the car window and realise how awful I look. Makeup running down my face, eyes red and swollen from crying, my nose is like The Niagara Falls. I quickly wipe under my eyes with my fingers looking a bit better. I hear the door slam from my left side and turn to see Tasha holding a back of tissues. I thankfully take one and thank her sneezing and clearing my nose leaving it bright red. I also wipe my wet cheeks dry.

"Thank you, Tasha," I say quietly. I see Tasha nod from the corner of my eye before she pulls off the parking lot.


I lie under the cover trashing around because the sleep just won't take me. The memories of Jason standing above me his hand lifted ready to contact with my cheek.

I finally give up and sit up. I walk out of my room and straight downstairs. I warm some milk making sore it doesn't boil over and add some honey. Warm honey milk has always helped me to sleep, ever since I was a child. It was even better if I added some cinnamon in it but when I looked through our cupboards I couldn't find any.

I sit on a barstool we have in kitchen sighing and sit there watching out of the window only to see my reflection staring back at me. I watch down in the mug of milk I have in my hands and watch the liquid flow as I mix it around with a little spoon.

A sudden loud noise takes me off guard and I splash my milk as the spoon flys on the floor. I look around me to see the source or the voice.

Waiting for a few minutes and nothing happens I dare to stand and bent down to pick up the spoon I dropped. But as I stand up I feel arms snake around my waist. I gasp air to let out a scream but I feel the person behind me cover my mouth with their hand.

I hold the spoon tight, like my life depends on it and my body shakes in fear. Somehow this person holding me could easily kill me even though I don't feel any kind of weapon press against me.

"Mmh, baby girl, you feel good," that voice, it sounds frighteningly familiar. I close my eyes and let a single tear of relief run down my cheek and hit his hand that's still covering my mouth. I know this guy won't hurt me, not if I keep my mouth shut.

I feel his breath fan against my neck and I can smell the toxic alcohol and weed in his breath. I scrunch my nose to how disgusting it smells. I let myself relax but not completely. If he's drunk it means that he's very erratic since he's not thinking straight.

I bring my shaking hands up and softly take his hand from my mouth. I take deep breathe turning slowly around in his arms. His hands are now resting on my lower back, just an inch from my bum.

"J-Jason," I stutter still shaking as the adrenaline in my body starts to fade. "Wh-what are y-you d-d-doing here?"

"You shouldn't have talked about my mom like that," he slurs. I'm kinda glad it's Friday since he isn't drunk in school night.

"Ja-Jason," I try to soothe him because I can see all the emotions in his eyes taking almost over him. "You n-need to-to be qu-quiet. My-my dad, he...he's sleeping up-upstairs."

"I don't give a fuck about your dad," Jason's voice starts to rise and I try to shush him.

"No, no, no, shh, Jason please, don't talk so loud," I don't know what to do with my hands so they kind of rest awkwardly on his broad chest.

"No, you can't tell me what to do, Quinn," he stumbles slightly back and my grip automatically tightens on his black shirt. I think my options of why to do. I could call Tasha to get Jason but it would only create more noise. I could wake dad but he's only throw Jason out and that's not good since he's just an inch from burning out. So my only option is to take him to my room and let him sleep the night over in my bed. Yeah, I'll no that.

"C'mon Jason, let's go to sleep," I say and help him upstairs. I try to go as quietly as possible but of course a mountain of pure muscle resting it's almost full weight on me always makes noise, you wanted it or not. I hope dad doesn't wake though because otherwise this situation right here would look much worse for me than it actually is since dad is one of those overprotective dads.

Magically I manage to drag this annoying drunk ass jerk in my room and there he collapses on my bed and falls asleep right then and there. I leave his other clothes on but I practically rip his shirt and shoes off leaving them on my office chair. I turn around and look at that godly piece of muscle lying on my bed. I find myself desiring to touch those hard worked abs of his. But something else grabs my attention. He has a full sleeve of tattoos on his left arm but his right one is only half way tattooed. I don't even notice myself following the tattoos with the tips of my fingers until Jason moves and mumbles something. I quickly pull my hand back but then I hear him mumble again and when I lean forward to hear better I'm pulled down in his arms. I gasp and wiggle in his arms, trying to get free only to make him tighten his grip.

"Pandora," I hear him mumble, his lips brushing against my bare neck since I wear my hair on a messy bun. I sigh when I realize that I have no way getting from here so I relax a little bit.

"Good night Jason," I whisper as I hear his quiet snores enter my ear. "Good night," I whisper more for me than for sleeping Jason.



Hell-oh lovely readers.

I hope ya liked this and you know what to do.


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