The Adrenaline

[Jason McCann Fanfiction]

"I admit,
I was afraid
to love.
Not just love,
but to love her.
For she was a stunning mystery.
She carried things deep inside her that no one has yet to understand,
and I,
I was afraid to fail,
like the others."

"She was the ocean
and I was just a boy
who loved the waves
but was completely
terrified to

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First published in Movellas in 2016
Copyright Hertta
Cover by Hertta


5. Chapter 4


Pandora Quinn

I've not really been a big fan of hospitals after NYC. But here I sit, on a chair in waiting lobby. My dad is getting impatient and arguing with the lady in reception. I just look around and see a mother on her last third and a child in her arms sitting right in front of me. I look at the baby and see a blue beanie on his head.

"How old is he?" I ask looking at the mother.

"It's not your business!" She snaps. I'm taken aback and lift my right hand - because my left is a bit...hurt right now - up in surrender.

"Sorry that I asked," I mutter but right then pretty old man doctor walk to the lobby.

"Pandora Quinn," he calls and dad turns immediately. I stand up and walk after the doctor with dad right next to me.

The doctor lead us to a room and we take a seat with dad, me closest to the doc.

"So what do we have here?" He asks mostly from himself as he puts on his half moon glasses and gently takes my arm in his hands. I winch and dad calmly rubs my shoulder. A painful look is on his face as I glance at him. He once told me that every time he sees me with an injury - no matter how small - he feels pain since 'his little princess' has been hurt.

I chuckle making dad look from my twisted hand to my eyes.

"Don't worry, I'm going to be fine," I assure him but of course the doctor has to put some more pressure on my arm and I hiss in pain.

"I'm sorry," the doc mutters and leans back letting my pull my broken arm back against my chest. "Well, we have to take a X-ray from your left arm so we see if we have to fix it with a surgery."

I nod a bit nervous. The doc stand up from his wheelchair and leads us to the room where they take the X-rays.


The doc told us that it wasn't so bad it'd need a surgery so he just put a hard plaster and - he let me choose the colour - a pure white wrap around it. He also gave me a cover to put on it when ever I take a shower.

We - me and dad - left after he had paid the bill. Now we are home and dad was a sweetheart and made me a new sandwich since I had dropped my own when I fell.

"I shouldn't have put the kit on top shelf," dad has been saying this for over twenty minutes now. My reply to this is always same:

"Dad, stop! It wasn't your fault. I shouldn't have climbed on the counter."

But we sit on the couch watching TV even though it's nothing interesting. I just enjoy cuddling with dad like this. It's quite relaxing, I even fall asleep. I only feel myself being lifted and carried to a bed and put under a blanket. Assuming that the one who carried me to bed was dad, he also gave me a light kiss on forehead and said:

"Good night, princess."


The real struggle was with getting dressed since the plaster wouldn't want to go through the sleeve. I had decided to wear my 3/4 sleeved, dark green shirt with black skinny jeans. An don't let me even begin with what a trouble the jeans were with the plaster. But being the skilled girl I am, I managed to wear them. Next thing was my black lace Toms but they weren't a problem.

I walk into the kitchen and see dad making breakfast. I check my watch. It's 6:30 a.m. Dad should've left a while ago.

"What are you doing still home?" I ask and dad glances at me over his shoulder.

"I took few days off work so I could take care of my princess," he says putting the last pieces of bacon on a plate and turning off the range. He turns and kisses my forehead. "Good morning, how's your arm?"

"Morning to you too, and my arm is good, I would use a painkiller," I say eyeing the pure white wrap around the plaster. Dad says 'ok' and gives me two pills and a glass of water. I swallow the pills and drink the water.

"Thank you," I say and eat a bacon.

"Here," dad gives me a plate with eggs and bacon on it which I take gladly. I'm a hungry monster in mornings.


"Will you take me to school?" I ask from dad when I swallow the last forkful. He's reading the news paper while sipping his coffee.

"Yeah, sure," he mutters reading something interesting on the paper.

"What are you reading?" I ask curious.

"Nothing important, few paps saw us at the hospital," he says putting down the paper and smiling to me. I grimace.

"I don't like paparazzi," I say and take my plate to kitchen dropping in sink.

"Me neither. Come on now, we have to go now if you don't want to be late," dad says drinking the last of his coffee leaving it on a kitchen counter.

I look at my watch and see that it's already 7:45 and my school starts at 8:30 a.m. so we leave now because it's 45 minutes trip with a car.

"Comin'," I say and throw my bag over my right shoulder heading to garage where dad is already waiting in his black Audi R8. What can I say? My dad has money.

I climb on my place next to dad who is driving and he backs out of garage. The garage door works with a remote so all he has to do is push the button and the door closes in front of us.

When we get to the street dad speeds of and in no time, we are at the school.

"Have a nice day, princess," dad says kissing my cheek. He has stopped right in front of the door and I see people looking at the car in awe. It's an expensive car.

"Likewise," I say and exit the car. Immediately I spot Tasha walking towards me from the school doors. I slam the car door shut and when wave after dad when he speeds towards home. Then I turn to face furious Tasha.

"Where were you!? We were suppose to go shopping if you forgot!" She yells. Nice, not even a 'good morning'.

Without saying anything I just lift my left arm and show my plaster. Tasha's red lipped mouth makes a perfect o shape.

"What happened?" She asks when we walk through the school doors.

"Fell from a kitchen counter," I answer.

"Oh, why didn't you tell me you were partying?" Tasha asks pouting. "I would've joined you."

I roll my eyes. "No, I was reaching for a first-aid-kit from a top shelf because I had cut my finger but lost my balance and..." I show her my arm again.

"Oh," she says and nods. "You know, Jason is going to freak out when he sees that."

I frown. "This is not his business so why would he pay a single thought on my plaster?"

"Did you listen anything I said yesterday?!" Tasha asks sounding a bit offended.

"Yeah but-"

There's no buts! I don't understand how you can't see it," she says chuckling. I look at my toes. But not watching where I'm going isn't so good idea as I hit a wall. Who the hell builds a wall in middle of a hallway?!

I look up to see it's far from a wall. Though he's build like one.

"Quinn! Long time no see. I see you like to bump on me," he exclaims earning few stares from passing people.

"Jason, we saw day before yesterday," I roll my eyes and try to pass him but he takes hold on my broken arm. I which in pain.

"What is this?" He demands an answer as he points the plaster. I sigh. Might as well tell him since he wants to know.

"I was being clumsy," I say. I thought that would be enough but Jason won't let go of me. I see Tasha standing behind me giving me 'I told you so' look and Brandon just stands beside her arms crossed over his broad chest looking at us amused look on his face. Those bastards. I'm the invalid here and they just let Jason lug me here.

"Details, Quinn," Jason gets impatient when I keep silent. I open my mouth to say something smart but just then the bell rings. Sometimes that annoying bell can be a lifesaver.

"I gotta go," I mutter trying to pull my arm from the strong grip of Jason. He loosens his grip turning to Brandon.

"Keep an eye on her," he mutters probably thinking I didn't hear him. I roll my eyes for - I think - 10th time this morning. I turn and hurry towards the history class, I hear Brandon right behind me.

I turn around before I enter the classroom to see Jason disappear around the corner. Sighing I let Brandon push me in the room.


From: Dad <3

Hey sweetheart. Call me when your day ends.

  - Dad

To: Dad <3


  - Pan

I lock my phone when I send my reply to dad. I sit currently in cafeteria eating my apple and drinking juice. I'm alone since Tasha disappeared along with Jason and Brandon after math. Times like these I realise how I lack of friends. I should probably make more.

I finish the apple and am about to stand up to throw it away but someone sits in front of me. A girl. The same girl that was with Jason when I bumped on him in my jog. Too much makeup and quite slutty outfit.

"Hey!" She exclaims. I look around me nervous. Is she really talking to me? "My name is Michelle."

I nod. "Pandora," I say but of course she knew that already.

"Yeah, I know. Anyways!" She says waving her hand before checking the her perfectly manicured nails. "I just wanted to do you do it?!"

"Do what?" I'm seriously confused right now.

"Get into Jason McCann's gang just like that. Like, I've tried for two years straight now and no result but then you come here and get in like you was one of them already!" She says chewing her gum and blowing a bobble. I shake my head and frown.

"Maybe because I don't try," I say. "Or maybe because I don't dress like a slut." I almost - almost! - snap my fingers in front of her. Her face though. Priceless!

"Hmh!" She scowls me standing up and walking away, her nose held high and her hips swaying maybe too much for my taste. I chuckle to how perfectly I just came back to her. I'm not interested to listen to her talking about herself. This might also be reason I have no friends.

I stand up finally and throw my apple away before heading towards the girls locker room.



These chapters might be a bit boring but I promise, in next chapter will be more action. And more Jason ;) I know that's why you're reading this story.

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