The Adrenaline

[Jason McCann Fanfiction]

"I admit,
I was afraid
to love.
Not just love,
but to love her.
For she was a stunning mystery.
She carried things deep inside her that no one has yet to understand,
and I,
I was afraid to fail,
like the others."

"She was the ocean
and I was just a boy
who loved the waves
but was completely
terrified to

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First published in Movellas in 2016
Copyright Hertta
Cover by Hertta


4. Chapter 3

Pandora Quinn

"Quinn, how's it going?" The, oh so familiar, smirk is - once again - in front of me. But this time I'm trapped between him and a locker since his hands are either side of my face. I see the blonde girl and Brandon behind him.

"Umm...good, I think," I say looking anywhere else than into his eyes because I know I'd forget anything if I saw those chocolate pools.

"What're you lookin' at, babe?" He says, smile clear in his tone. Wait, did he just call me 'babe'?

"What did you call me?" I ask forgetting everything else and looking straight into his eyes, challenging him to say it again.

"Everything ok, babe?" There he says it again. I push him off me and send him a glare.

"I'm not your 'babe'," I say and flip my hair as I turn and walk towards my class.

"She's one hellish piece of work," I hear Brandon say to Jason behind me.

"I know, bro," Jason says back. I turn right then and enter the history class just when the bell rings.


"Hey, my name is Tasha," I hear someone say behind me when I slam shut the door of my locker. I turn around and am met with that short blonde hair and bright red lips.

"Oh, hi. I'm Pandora," I say back tightening my grip around the math book.

"I know, Brandon told everyone," Tasha says chewing her gum. I frown.

"He did?"

"Yup, now the whole school knows who you are," Tasha says winking to me. I look at her weirdly.

" was nice to meet you Tasha, but I have to go now," I say leaving towards the math class but Tasha jogs next to me. I frown to her.

"Same math, Pan," she says and I mentally slap myself.

"Ok," I say and we walk in right then. The bell hasn't rang just yet so the classroom is half empty. I take a seat behind. Tasha sits next to me but I just ignore her.

"So tell me, where'd you get that shirt," she asks pointing at my black, sleeveless, silk top.

Instead of answering Tasha I turn to look at her and ask: "Tasha, why are you talking to me?"

She lifts her hands up in surrender. "I'm just trying to be your friends that's all."

"Did Jason command you to do so?" I ask narrowing my eyes at her. She looks away.



"Oh, come on!" She says. "You should be glad he is interested in you! There's plenty of girls throwing themselves on him trying to get his attention but no, he only has eyes on you!" She says sounding little offended of my tone.

I look at her, shocked. "What did you say?" I whisper.

"That's right," she drops her arms. "You must have noticed how he is everywhere you go in school?"

I think for a second and that's right. He's always there where I go.

"That's what I thought," Tasha says and turns to Mrs. Jones who has just walked in.

I look around the classroom but don't see Jason or Brandon anywhere. They're apparently living their thug life somewhere outside of school.


"Hey, Pan! Here!" I hear Tasha shout and see her waving her hand from the other side of the cafeteria. I sigh and walk to her table since I apparently have no other choice.

"Hey, Tasha," I mutter and start to eat the food.

"Now, tell me the answer to the question I asked in math class," Tasha demands and I look at her frowning. She rolls her eyes. "Where did you buy that shirt?!"

"Oh," my cheeks ignite softly. "Umm... I think it was from Paris."

"What!? Paris!?"

I nod. "Yeah, Paris, my dad had a business trip there and he wanted to take me with him. So I used my time on shopping since dad gave me his credit card," I shrug and play with my food little embarrassed.

"Oh my god! You really are Quinn's daughter!" Tasha exclaims and I hurry to shush her.

"Shut up!" I hiss and hit her shoulder gently. She rubs it even though I didn't hit it that hard.

"Why?" She says her voice much quieter now.

"I don't want people to know," I mutter.

"Why? You should be proud to be a Quinn!" She says her eyes big.

"There's lots of drama connected to my dad and I'm not big fan of attention so..." I trail off. Tasha shakes her head.

"You're unbelievable. Most of the girls your age would be wearing their father's money if he was as wealthy as yours is," Tasha says and I shrug again.

"Well my dad didn't rise me to be a slut," I say putting another forkful of food in my mouth while glancing at Tasha and she smiles widely.

"And that's one of the reasons I like you," she says kissing my cheeks. I almost jump back like she gave me electricity shock. I wipe my cheek and see red.

"Tasha!" I shout and turn to see her laughing her ass off.

"Oh calm down, girl! It was just a kiss," she says while taking a napkin and wiping the lipstick off my cheek.

Just then the bell rings as a signing that the lunch is over. I stand up and walk to the trash pin, throwing the over left food away.

"C'mon then girl, let's go kick some asses," Tasha says pulling me towards the school's gym where our P.E. class is.

"Wait!" I say walking to my locker which is on our way and take out my running pants, sport bra and black t-shirt before letting Tasha lead me to the girl's locker room where we change quickly.

"So...where's Jason. I saw, he wasn't in math with us," I ask innocently from Tasha who is middle of pulling her yoga pants on. I start to tie my other shoe.

"Umm..." Tasha starts frowning while she thinks her answer. "Let's just say something came up."

"Oh, ok," I say and consent rate on putting on my sport bra.

"Girl you have some nice pair of boobs," I hear Tasha say and I blush deeply pulling the sport bra quickly over my head.

"I thin they're too big," I mutter.

"Girl! They're perfect!" Tasha exclaims just when more girls start to stream into the locker room. I look around and pull my top over my sport bra hurrying to the gym. Tasha got under my tail.


So...there I lay. On my bed. Alone. Bored. My homework so done. My room clean. Still bored. Music playing softly on background.

...Alone in the night 'til she knock on my door.

Oh no, waisted again but I can't say no, no.

Baby tell me why, why you do, do me wrong? Baby tell me why, why you do, do me wrong?

Gave you my heart but you took my soul...

I hum to the soft sound of Nick Jonas staring at the ceiling once more. My head is completely empty. Nothing. Some way it is very frustrating.

...hand over heart, I'm praying that I'm gonna make it out alive.

The bed's getting cold and you're not here.

The future that we hold is so unclear but I'm not alive until you call.

And I'll bet the odds against it all...

The sudden loud sound of my ringtone makes me squeal like bloody murder. I shoot around and take my damn iPhone from my nightstand to see who has scared the living shit out of me.

Unknown number

Stands clearly on my screen and I hesitate for a second but slide the green with my thumb anyways.

"Hello?" I answer little scared.

"Hey, Pan! It's Tasha!" I hear Tasha's voice answer back. I also hear noises from her background.

"Tasha? Are you driving?"

"Maybe," she answers and I gasp.

"Do you know how dangerous that is!? And against law!" I yell.

"Calm your titties, girl, this isn't first time," Tasha answers calmly.

"You're really unbelievable," I say walking to my bass turning the volume down.

"Was that Nick Jonas there!?" She gasps when I walk close to the bass.

"Maybe," I imitate her. I her her laugh from the other side.

"Anyway, the reason I called was that would you like to go shopping today?" Tasha asks and I hear the clicks of her turning signal light.

"You mean, go spend my dad's hard earned money?" I ask rising my other brow.

"Maybe," she answers again. I pinch the bridge of my nose. "So are you going?" She asks again after silence.

"Uh...I don't know," I answer reluctantly. I hear groan from other end.

"Come on, Dora!" She whines and I sigh.

"I'll have to ask from my dad first. I'll call you back," I say and without waiting for her replay I push the red.

I open my contacts and call dad. He answers on first ring.

"Yes?" Yeah dad never says 'hello' since he's work is so serious.

"Hey, daddy," I say smiling.

"Pandora, honey, you know I'm busy," he says but I can hear him smiling.

"Yeah, I know but I only have one question," I say sitting back on my bed.

"And what would that be?" He asks.

"Well, Tasha asked if I could go shopping with her," I answer. There's a second of silence and some shuffling of paper in dad's end.

"You mean Tasha Pond?" Dad finally answers but with question.

"Um...yeah," I answer frowning.

"You can go, just wait 'till I get home so I can give you my card," he says and I smile again.

"Ok, I'll tell Tasha that," I answer.

"Good, I'll be home in two hours, okay?" I nod but then remember that he can't see me and mentally slap myself - AGAIN.

"Okay, see you then! I love you," I say and wait for his replay.

"Love you too sweetheart," with that he ends the call and continues his work - I assume.

I now go to my log and find Tasha's number - I'll have to remember to save her number on my contacts. I call her.

"Hell-o!" I hear her answer.

"He said yes, but..." I start but Tasha interrupts me.

"But you have to be home at certain time?"

"No...I'll have to wait 'till he gets home so he can give me his card you dumbass!" I say back.

"Oh, ok. When shall the King arrive home?" Tasha asks using a horrible English accent. I roll my eyes.

"He said two hours," I answer and look at my nails. They really need manicure. Could get one with Tasha.

"Ok, I'll get you then, bye!" She says.

"But...!" I start but she ends the call. " don't even know where I live," I say to myself as I stare my phone frowning.

I shrug it off and turn the music - still playing in my bass - up. I leave my room and head to kitchen for a snack. I open the fridge and find it almost empty. I groan, I'll have to remind dad to take a visit in grocery shop.

I pull out ingredients to make a sandwich. I'm glad we at least have some bread! As I put the top on my bread I take a knife and cut my sandwich. And of course, being me, I manage to cut my thumb. I hiss and take the little cut to my mouth.

"Shit," I mutter as I reach for a first-aid-kit that we always keep in kitchen since I almost regularly cut my hand with a knife or scissors.

Apparently dad thinks I'm taller than I really am because he has put the kit on the highest self. I groan, it's not easy to be 5"4'. I climb on the marble counter carefully so I don't step on my sandwich. I stand and reach for the kit. Standing on my toes I finally get the hold of the kit. But then again, the gravity is a botch sometimes. Especially when you lose your balance and you're standing on a kitchen counter.

"Uh oh," is all I say when I start to fall. It all must look like in movies, in slow-motion and all but it feels like fast motion. I start to fall back and suddenly I just find myself on the floor. I find my left arm twisted ugly when I sit up. It must be broken.

I stand up and limp to my room since my hipbone got a hit too. I once again turn the music down and take my phone.

"Pandora, what did I say earlier?" Dad's voice boom from the other end but I don't answer his question.

"I think my arm is broken."

"I'm on my way."



Weird to end it there but I didn't want to make this too long since it's already 2,000+ words :D

As always, I hope you liked the chapter. If you did or if you didn't then leave a comment :) thank you!


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