The Adrenaline

[Jason McCann Fanfiction]

"I admit,
I was afraid
to love.
Not just love,
but to love her.
For she was a stunning mystery.
She carried things deep inside her that no one has yet to understand,
and I,
I was afraid to fail,
like the others."

"She was the ocean
and I was just a boy
who loved the waves
but was completely
terrified to

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First published in Movellas in 2016
Copyright Hertta
Cover by Hertta


3. Chapter 2

Pandora Quinn

I walk through the school entrance, glad that my day is finally over. I hardly got through my P.E. class alive. We had football. Geez and the teacher! I won't even begin what a bitch she is! My shins and knees are probably purple tomorrow. And you know what it means? It means: no shorts. I sigh. 

I head towards my car searching for the key in my bag but can't find it immediately so I stop to search my bag through more carefully. No! I can't find my keys! Where are they!? I can not lose them!

"Looking for these?" I hear too familiar voice speak behind me. I close my eyes taking deep breath and turn around.

There he is, Jason McCann, sitting on his Ducati, my keys hanging from his index finger. I narrow my eyes at him and try to catch them but he pulls his hand back so I miss them.

"Hey! Give 'em back!" I shout and step closer by instinct making devilish smirk rise on Jason's, sunglassed, handsome face. No! What am I thinking?! Concentrate Pandora!

"And why should I do that?" Jason says watching my keys as he plays with them. I watch carefully that he doesn't break them.

"Because...I can't get into my car without them! I'd have to call my dad to pick me up and he isn't happy if I interrupt him when he's working," I cross my arms under my breasts making them show up more which also makes Jason's attention turn to me but not in my eyes.

"I could easily give you a ride," Jason says back biting his lip, not lifting his eyes from my chest and I start to get annoyed.

"Just give me the damn keys, McCann!" I shout once again getting few passing people's attention and they slow down to see what is going on. I look around me not liking the attention. Jason chuckles noticing my uncomfortableness.

"Not a fan of attention, I see," he says throwing me my keys. I almost drop them as they land on my balms.. "See you tomorrow, Quinn."

And with that he speeds off with his Ducati and I scoff turning back to my car. I unlock it and climb behind the wheel slamming the door shut behind me. I breathe calmly, leaning my head on my hands that are resting on the driving wheel. What a day!


"I'm home!" I hear my dad shout from the hallway. Smile rises on my face and I turn the oven off.

"Daddy!" I yell and run to welcome him home with a big hug. I've always been daddy's little girl. Ever since my mother left us.

"Hello, princess," he says chuckling and lifts me of the ground spinning around sending a fit of giggles out of my mouth. He then let's me down and I look at him smiling. He smiles back and sniffs the air. "Did you cook, honey?"

I nod happily and pull him towards the dining room. "Your favourite!" He chuckles once more and takes off his suit jacket putting it on the back of his chair.

"Ah! Chicken legs! You really are the best daughter anyone could get," dad kisses me on the cheek and sits on a chair reaching for a chicken leg taking it on his plate with some mashed potatoes and salad. I do the same taking a bit smaller leg on my plate.

"So how was work?" I ask after a minute of eating in silence. Dad nods his head swallowing the food in his mouth.

"Nothing new, boring paper works," he answers and I giggle. His work is only paper works and long meetings. "And how was the first day in a new school?"

"It was quite interesting, though I hope I don't have to use the school map too long," I answer back. "And my knees are probably all bruised since we had football in P.E."

"How so?"

"Well I might have fell all the time on the field," I tell, my cheeks light pink from embarrassment. I'm not very athletic.

"You're unbelievable, Pandora," my dad laughs holding his stomach. "You've always hated P.E. in school and now I understand why."

"Shut up," I mutter but can't be not laughing. I look at my dad's plate and see its empty. I stand up earning confused look from my dad. "I made some baked apples, so sit your ass back down!" I demand as I see him trying to stand up. Chuckling he sits back down and let's me take his dirty plate to kitchen.

I put our plates in the sink and take the apples from oven. I stab a wooden stick through them and put them on a glass plate covering them with a caramel sauce I had also made. Little bit of powder sugar on top and voilà!

I take the plates back to dining room and put other one in front of dad. He rubs his hands together looking at the apple with hunger.

"Oh what have I ever done to earn as perfect daughter as you, honey?" Dad says biting down on his apple sighing. I do the same and it tastes delicious! I had found the recipe from a box we had in attic in our old house. Apparently it was my great grand mothers recipe.

"I decided that we should celebrate a little since it's the first school and work day of ours here in LA," I explain while sipping my milk and eating the apple.

"I love you, hon," dad says and takes the last bite of his apple.

"Love you too, daddy," I say kissing his cheek before taking our empty plates into kitchen.

"Well, I'll go do some work upstairs, don't be too long out," dad yells from the stairs when I leave behind to clear the table.

"Yes, of course!" I answer back. I go on for a jog every evening, it's a hobby of mine. So after I'm done with the dishes I go in my room to change for a pair of yoga pants, black top and pair of black Nike Roshe running shoes before heading back downstairs taking my phone and Beat's earphones to play some relaxing jogging music. I tie my long hair up on a pony tail.

I walk out and just start to run along the street. It's already dark and my only light is the street lamps. I keep my gaze in front of me, my legs hitting to the beat of the music. Soon I can feel myself sweaty and out of breathe. I slow down my pace a little and keep my arms up so my lungs get the oxygen easier.

I run for a while and soon come to an area where is lots of dark alleys and few buildings with blanked windows. I take off my earbuds and hang them behind my neck. I can hear the beat of music from a club across the street and I see a group of drunk people stumbling out of it, laughing and yelling loudly. I eye them suspiciously but keep on running.

After running about two minutes I come to a T-crossing and I decide to take right. This decision turns to be the wrong since I bump on someone when I'm not paying attention. This person turns around ready to yell but when he sees me and I see him, a smirk rises on his face. This has to be just my luck. What are the facilities that it's the one and only Jason McCann I bump on? Very little, I know. But still, here I am standing in front of him probably looking like I'm dying since I'm all sweaty and out of breathe.

"Why hello there Quinn," he says and I shake my head trying to get past him. Of course it's not that easy as Jason grabs me by my forearm. "Oh no no no, don't go just yet! Me and my friends just want to talk."

"Get off me, Jason," I try to pull my arm from his strong grip but he doesn't let go.

"No, c'mon now Quinn, don't be a funk," he says. Oh so now I'm a coward just because I don't want to 'hang out' with him and his friends. I rise my eyebrows, not believing what I just heard.

"Did you just call me coward?" I ask.

"Maybe," he answers wiggling his eyebrows and smirks. Great, now he's flirting.

"What do you want?" I say turning fully to him. I see his friend - containing Brandon and the blonde girl from our math class, with one other girl, and a guy - eyeing me from head to toes or the guys were anyway.

"Well that sweet ass of yours would be very nice on my bike," Jason says biting his lip as his looks down at my ass. I roll my eyes and quickly pull my arm off his grip.

"In your dreams, asshole," I mutter putting on my earbuds again. Though, they don't stop me hearing his next sentence.

"Oh I will have that ass on my bike sooner than you think."


I walk through the front door. I made it home safely without anyone interrupting my jog after that scene with Jason. If I'm being honest now, I'd say I liked that moment. Not because of the attention but the comeback of mine. I've never been quite good with those so when I get a good one, I'm a bit proud of myself.

I head upstairs to tell my dad I'm back. The clock is only 9:45 pm so dad should be still doing works in his study. He's a bit workaholic and maybe that's why he's the best lawyer of the country. He's also very busy at the time, though he always always has time for me when it's needed or when I ask.

I reach the door of his study and knock twice on it's dark wooden surface. I get no answer so I just walk in to find my father asleep on his desk. I wouldn't want to wake him, he's too cute but I know he will have awful pain on shoulders and neck in the morning if he doesn't sleep in his bed. So I walk to him and gently shake him.

"Dad," I speak softly earning a groan. "Daddy!" I speak a bit louder, this time his eyes open and he looks up at me smiling.

"Hey, you're back," he says sitting up rubbing his eyes. I laugh and pull him up. Geez he's a big guy!

"Yeah, c'mon dad," I say pulling him after me and towards his bedroom where he falls on the bed falling asleep the second his head hits the pillow. He must have worked really hard since he's this tired.

I chuckle when I look at my sleepy dad cuddle his pillow. I leave him there and don't bother taking off his clothes. I exit his room and go to mine heading straight into my bathroom to take a relaxing hot shower.

After the shower I put on an oversized, navy blue t-shirt and fall on my bed. I crawl under the blanket and expect myself to fall asleep straight away but for some odd reason the sleep just won't come. I turn to lie on my back strain at the dark brown, wooden ceiling of my bed. Yes, I have a canoby bed.

For some other odd reason I can't get my mind off this guy. You'll never guess. He's name starts with J and ends with N. Oh, come on! I know you know who I'm talking about.

Jason McCann!

That asshole has been clouding my mind ever since I bumped on him on my jog. What is happening to me!? I promised myself to not think about boys after Rick.

But still I find myself thinking about those brown chocolate pools that are Jason's eyes. I can't forget those tattoos on his arms that I saw just fifteen minutes back.

And with these thoughts, I slowly fall in a dreamless sleep.




Any thoughts? I hope you liked 2nd chapter. More is coming soon :) sorry I was a day late!


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