The Adrenaline

[Jason McCann Fanfiction]

"I admit,
I was afraid
to love.
Not just love,
but to love her.
For she was a stunning mystery.
She carried things deep inside her that no one has yet to understand,
and I,
I was afraid to fail,
like the others."

"She was the ocean
and I was just a boy
who loved the waves
but was completely
terrified to

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First published in Movellas in 2016
Copyright Hertta
Cover by Hertta


2. Chapter 1

Pandora Quinn

I sit there, in silence. Trying to remember the night when someone beat the living shit out of me. All I can remember is the pain all over my body especially in my face. And those words: "Have fun with JMC."

Who is this JMC guy? I do not know. All I know is that when I woke up I was met with the blue eyes of my father. The only thing I inherited from him, my eyes, otherwise I look exactly like my mother. Or that's what everyone says.

The doctor had said something to my father which he had told me when I woke up. It was something that I was found from a dark alley between two restaurants where the chef had seen me lying on the ground beaten when he had taken the trash out. He had called an ambulance and I was rushed to hospital. Apparently I had a pretty hard concussion, my right cheekbone needed few stitches, two broken ribs and some kind of internal bleeding but in a year I would be as fine as possible after that kind of beating.

The doctor had also recommended a therapist but I denied. So after a year of healing my father decided that NYC wasn't safe enough for me anymore, so he bought us a house from LA.

I was quite thankful for this and I had a feeling I knew who had beaten me to that condition since it hadn't been the first time. The beatings just weren't this bad before, mostly just a slap in the face and pulling my hair but it had never gotten this bad. Before this, I had been so naïve and taken Rick back every time he apologised. I thought we were in love but apparently real life took and bit my ass once again.

So we moved and I was happy. I surely needed some space and a new, fresh start from the dark New York City to clear my head. I had too many bad memories in that city.

We moved quite quickly since it only took two days. We even managed to leave without that motherfucker Rick noticing anything. In his eyes; I just disappeared. And maybe that is just good for both of us.


So here I am, siting in my light blue Volkswagen Beetle - dad got it to me just few months ago - in front of my new school. I slide on my sunglasses and check myself one last time before stepping out of the car. I can feel all the burning gazes of other students as I pass them wearing my short jean shorts, white cotton top and sandals, my bag hanging on my shoulder. It's a miracle that I don't fall over or embarrass myself any other way under all those eyes. But I can't be rude to them since I would also be curious if someone new came to my school.

I reach the entrance and head straight towards the office when I walk inside. It's quite hard to walk in a crowded hallway - just if you haven't noticed - because you have to be ready to dodge anyone's sudden moves so you won't fall over.

Luckily I get to the office without an accident and I let out a sigh of relief. I lift my sunglasses on my head pushing the brown long hair of mine back from my sweaty face. If you aren't from California, it's fucking hot here, even in winter.

I walk forward to notice the office door open, still I knock three sharp and quick knocks on the door. The lady behind the desk lifts her head and pull off her reading glasses so she sees me better.

"Good morning, sweetheart, what is your name?" She asks with motherly voice. I wipe gently the sweat off over my upper lip before answering.

"Quinn. Pandora Quinn," I say, not smiling, and stick my hand out for her to shake it which she does before turning to look for my papers. I take my advantage and look around. The room is quite homelike though it's small. Walls are painted comfy beige except one wall that is covered with different coloured butterflies.

"Ah, yes! here," the office lady says pulling me out of my thoughts. I turn to look at her. "Well here's the schedule of yours," she hands me the schedule and I check it out nodding a little. "And here is the school map so you find your way in the classrooms. Oh, and here's your locker number and code," She smiles to me again and only then I notice the huge mole she has on her right cheek. I try not to grimace.

"Thank you, Mrs..."

"Oh it's miss Holland, but you can call me Serena," she waves her hand. No wonder she's single with that mole of hers.

"Ok, well thank you miss Holland. I think, I'll find my way," I look at the map trying to get my attention off the mole. It's so big! Geez, I bet there's living people inside it. I shiver even thinking about it and I hurry out of the office as fast as possible.

As I get back to the hallway I notice it's empty. Frowning I look at the map and head towards the class of History. I half run since the clock must have rang already.

I find my way to the classroom and without thinking I bark in getting everyone's attention. I immediately blush scarlet. I even earn few snickers from the back of the class.

As cool as I manage, I walk to the teacher and hand him the paper which has my information on it. I need my every teacher to sign it and after the day, bring it back to that mole-woman in the office.

The teacher takes the paper and smiles to me. He is at least 50 years old, balding man with few extra sausages in his stomach.

"Good morning, miss Quinn," the teacher says still smiling. I hear few gasps from the other students. Yeah they must know my father's quite large company since it's the leading and the best company of lawyers. "You can take a seat next to Mr. Rust there." The teacher nods towards the back of the class, the only empty seat on the class. I feel like groaning but I can't, not in front of everyone. So I'm a good girl and head to my place sitting down.

I can hear few girls whispering behind me and feel all eyes on me but I try to concentrate on what the teacher says.

"So welcome to our new student, my name is Mr. Smith and I'm teaching history in this school," Mr. Smith introduces himself before continuing where he left before I barked in the classroom. It's something about Ancient Greece.

"Pst! Hey, new girl!" I hear the boy - was it 'Mr. Riot'? - from my righ. I don't turn to him but I look at him from the corner of my eye. He has these the most beautiful ice blue eyes that shine perfectly against his brown skin. "What's your first name, Quinn?"

I wait for a second for Mr. Smith to start speaking again before I answer to this handsome guy with gorgeous eyes.

"Pandora," I whisper still keeping my eyes on the blackboard where Mr. Smith is writing very excitedly about the ancient people who lived in Greece. I open my notebook to write down what he's writing.

The guy next to me - seriously, was it 'Mr. Rudy'? - hasn't answered or reacted to my answer to his question but I can clearly hear him whisper something to the girls behind me. I just can't make anything out of what he's saying.

Finally the bell rings and another sigh of relief escapes my lips but then I remember. 'Shit I have the whole day ahead.' Well apparently I have no other choice but to go on.


The day isn't interesting or different in any way until...math.

I slide into the classroom amongst the others and head straight to the teacher. I hand her my paper and she takes it.

"Hello miss Quinn, my name is Claudia Jones," she says. She is quite beautiful even though I can see she has some years lived. 40 tops. "You can find yourself a place to sit."

I nod and look around. People isn't paying attention to me and I see two empty places in the classroom. Other is next to a girl with short blonde hair, bright red lips, booty shorts and top that hugs her torso nicely. And the other one is next to...was it 'Mr. Rust'? Yeah, that's his name.

So I throw the coin in my mind ending on the place next to Mr. Rust and his ice blue eyes. I earn few gasps when I sit down and feel most of the classroom ogling me. I try my best - again - on ignoring the looks they are sending my way. But then my curiosity gets the best of me and I turn to look at that package of brown skin and blue eyes to find his already watching me.

"Since I told you my name, would you be so kind and give me yours?" I ask. Amusement is clear in this guy's eyes. "I wouldn't want to call you Mr. Rust all my life, now would I?"

"You can call me what ever you want, Dora," he flirts but I just roll my eyes.

"Fine, might as well call you 'asshole'," I hear snickering behind me from the guys that this asshole had been talking to earlier. I also hear a loud slap - apparently the asshole didn't like their humour and gave them a lesson.

"It's Brandon," he finally says and I nod biting my bottom lip. I look at the teacher who is also writing some equation on the blackboard. I might as well just chat around since this is an easy lesson.

"Hey Brandon!" I hear someone whisper yell from my rare right. I turn slightly to see the girl with blonde hair and bright red lips. Brandon next to me turns and leans forward slightly to hear her better, making me feel quite uncomfortable.

"You know who's place that is right?" The girl asks quietly and I frown.

"Of course I do!" Brandon whisper yells back.

"Silence!" I hear the teacher sending evil eyes to Brandon and the blonde girl. They ignore her but fall silent then. I can see them reading from each other's lips somethings I can't quite make out. But I don't have to since the one they are talking about rolls into the classroom, applauds and whistles being his fanfare.

He's wearing white oversized t-shirt, black leather jacket, jeans that are hanging dangerously low on his hips, new looking red Supras and a SnapBack with a pair of sunglasses covering his eyes as he rolls in on a skateboard which he stops and with heavy step he sends the skateboard up catching it with his hand. I can't get my eyes off of him and what I can tell is that neither can the other girls.

"Jason McCann, late once again. Why am I not surprised?" Mrs. Jones turns to mark this new guy's - Jason if I heard right - name down.

"Oh, missed me already, Mrs. Jones?" Jason speaks and I swear my heart made a backflip just then.

"You wish, now take a seat, Mr. McCann," Mrs. Jones points shaking her head, a smile playing on her lips.

I watch in awe as a smile rises on Jason's face. He turns then and looks at the classroom bowing a little. He then laughing turns to walk towards me and reaches my and Brandon's table. The smile he has on his face falls and he looks directly to my eyes, holding them there. After few seconds my gaze moves back to the blackboard.

"Hey...girl on my place," Jason says taking my attention once again. I breath calmly.

"Sorry...Jason but this is mine now," I say back. I hear few light gasps around me.

"Oh, feisty. I like it," he says and I hear Brandon snicker next to me. I move my head slowly my eyes meeting with his. He has taken his sunglasses off and I meet the most breathtaking chocolate brown eyes.

I open my mouth to answer to him but nothing comes out so I just sit there looking at him, my mouth half open. Thankfully Mrs. Jones saves me from the embarrassment.

"Jason, sit you ass down!" She says and when I turn to look I see her glaring at Jason her hand on her hips. I then turn my gaze back on Jason who still is looking down at me smirking. I swear my cheeks must be scarlet red right now.

"Whatever," is all he says before turning and sitting next to the blonde girl. They start chatting immediately but I tune them out.

"You really are playing with fire now little girl," I hear Brandon whisper right next to my ear. I keep my eyes locked on my opened math book and play with my pen in my hands.

Oh, what have I done?



Well this was the first chapter. I hope you liked it and if you did then please add this on you favorites and leave me a comment if you didn't so I know how to make it better. :)

I decided that I'll update once a week :) so next chapter will be out next week. See you soon!


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