Secret Devil - H.S

When Harry Styles came into my life, everything tipped over.

Blood, murder, drugs, clubs, sex, alcohol, violence, mysteries, secrets, laughter, love, tears and betrayal.

All that happened all because of Harry fucking Styles.


Every second here without you, I pretend we're skin to skin
Every single breath reminds me that you never, ever left
Every time I think about you, I can feel my hand give in
Cause you're keeping me safe and warm
Even when I'm home alone
Wearing nothing but your cologne


4. Chapter 3 - Toilet Mishaps

Secret Devil - Chapter 3 - Toilet Mishaps

Harry Styles & Barbara Palvin



"Thank you for paying, you know I could've done that." I smiled feeling quite guilty. 

"Don't be silly Talia." He chuckled, softly taking his hand in mine. I blushed a little, making him grin. 

I didn't know my life can turn to being miserable then to be full of a new start. I just love to be happy and feeling those butterflies and flips in my stomach. I just love it and don't want anyone to ruin in it.

"I'm going to go to the toilet, excuse me." I smiled, getting up and walking to the girls restroom. 

I opened the door and as I was going to walk inside one of the toilets, a hand was quick to be plastered on my mouth and dragging me inside one of the toilets. My muffled screams weren't enough for me to be heard. I tried to kick and punch him but it wasn't enough, since it wasn't affecting him at all. Once we got inside one of the toilets, he locked the door and smashed me against the wall. Once I took in his features my eyes widened, it was the same guy who killed the man who tried to rape me.

"Surprise to see me?" He smirked, pressing his body on to me even more. 

"Don't you try screaming." He warned giving me a death glare. His eyes were so green but they were so black. Enough to scare me. He slowly took his hand away, with fear I dared to say a word.

"W-Why did you kill that guy?" I almost said above a whisper. Looking down, holding in fear.

"Because I did." He said smirking evilly at him. Anger washed over, you cannot say that.

"That's not the reason. Their has to be one." I snapped tried to push him off of me. But then again nothing effected him. His face lowered down and closer to me, making me feel his hot breath against me. Before he could say anything, Damon's voice was heard making my eyes widened.

"Don't mention me, or I'll kill you." He whispered, making shivers run down my neck. I hate how he had that effect on me.

"Talia, you in here?" Damon asked, seeming worried.

I looked at Harry and he gave me a cold glare, and pressed his body even more closer if that was possible against me. I breathed in and pressed my hands against his chest, because his hands were trapped around me. 

"I'm f-fine, i'm only taking l-long because i'm you know, on the day of the month." I said as my face went red with embarrassment. Because first i'm not and secondly 'Styles' was right on me trying to keep in his laughter.

"Um, that's okay. I'll be waiting, sorry for interrupting." He apologized, I heard his footsteps walking towards the door then it shut. Harry started laughing and I swear as much as a dickhead he is, but his laugh was so angelic. It made a small smile appear on my face, but I quickly covered it. 

"Anyways, i'm going to let you go now. Be careful with that dick Damon, you can be surprised. Very surprised." He emphasized very, making me feel curious but scared. He took his weight off of me and as I walking to the door he grabbed my arm gently making me turn my head to him, feeling weird at his soft touch. He pressed me against the door backwards, I felt his whole body onto me and his crotch touching me making me tense up. He rested his chin against my forehead moving my hair to the side, revealing my bare neck. I closed my eyes feeling quite comfortable but frightened what he will do. He moved his mouth against my ear, making me tense up more.

"I only killed that guy because he faked be drunk, then fake to rape you but actually he wanted to kill you. That's why I killed him. He was ordered to kill you." He whispered that last part causing shivers to immediately run down my back. I held in the pack of fear and straight away walked out the bathroom, feeling terrified. 

"My names Harry, by the way." He said walking past me and smirking.

Oh god.



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