Secret Devil - H.S

When Harry Styles came into my life, everything tipped over.

Blood, murder, drugs, clubs, sex, alcohol, violence, mysteries, secrets, laughter, love, tears and betrayal.

All that happened all because of Harry fucking Styles.


Every second here without you, I pretend we're skin to skin
Every single breath reminds me that you never, ever left
Every time I think about you, I can feel my hand give in
Cause you're keeping me safe and warm
Even when I'm home alone
Wearing nothing but your cologne


2. Chapter 1 - Blood

Secret Devil - Chapter 1 - Blood

Harry Styles & Barbara Palvin



I squeezed through all the people who were crazily dancing against each other. This is why you never let your best friend take you out after a painful breakup. Also this is why you never come to a carnival placed on the streets in London. I cant even find her! WHERE ARE YOU NICOLE?! Literally screaming in my head, trying to control the anger as many people dance past me or trying to dance on me.

I kept pushing past everyone until I reached to a much quieter place.

The heck it's quiet, it's still loud! This music is starting to irritate me now.

I walked into an alleyway and rested my back against the wall. I wiped the sweat off my face and sighed. Why did Toby have to cheat on me? I thought he really loved me. God, I sound so pathetic right now. 

Tears rushed to my eyes, but I wiped it away quickly before a waterfall begins. He's not worth it, he never was. 

As I was about to exit the alleyway, someone pushed me against the wall. Before I could try to say anything his hand covered my mouth. My muffled screams weren't enough for someone to save me.

"Lets have some fun." He smirked evilly, trying to touch me in places where no girls wants to be touched. 

"OW!" He yelled, after I bit his hand.

"Please let me go!" I begged, as tears streamed down my face.

"NO!" He yelled, then started to kiss my neck.

"SOMEONE HELP!"I screamed crying. But no one could hear me especially over the music.

All of a sudden the man dropped and his weight on me was soon gone. I looked down and his body was lying on the floor with blood everywhere and his throat slit open.

My eyes widened and I couldn't breathe. I felt sick. I looked up and saw a guy with brown curly locks, also with a look of anger in his eyes. His lips were perfectly pink but placed in a straight line. I decided to say something although I feel terrified since he could kill me for all I know

"Who are you?" I whispered still shocked at what he done.

"Styles." He smirked, raising his knife to his lips and running away. He has a raspy, deep voice giving me shivers.

His brown curly hair bounced as he ran away and his emerald green eyes stayed in my mind. They were stunning. The fear inside me grew more when I saw him. I don't know why

I ran after him but lost him over to the darkness. That guy's body was still stuck in my mind, I felt the need to throw up. I ended up throwing up onto the wall, my legs were shaky but I managed to recover from it. 

"EVERYONE, HANDS UP!" I heard someone yell.

Polices! They found the body, I ran as fast I could just to get away from that scene. 

Once I reached home, I shut the door behind me and slid down it.

The fear struck inside of me, remembering the body and the man who killed him. It was all I could think about.

'Styles' was all I could think about.



here's the start of their love story. 

i cant wait to share the rest with you guys! 

love you all <3

A x

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