This is my story

I feel like I'm no one important.
Like a leave on a tree, a drop in the ocean or a grain of sand in the Sahara.
Well, if someone is bored, you can read my story here I guess.


1. My story

This is going to be my long story, told in a short way


I honestly was made in France, even though I'm Scandinavian. Don't ask me how I know that haha.

Well, I was born and was a happy little girl. one of my first sentences were in Norwegian, even though I'm not Norwegian either.

I went to daycare and kindergarten, where the caretakers always told my parents what a happy little girl I was. They told them things that I would do, I would for an example always make sure that everyone got to join if we were playing something, and that no one would be left out. This is so cheesy.


Well, I went to school when I was 6, even though my parents considered me to go to school when I was 5.

We would climb in the trees outside the school, play around in the bushes where we had a imaginary world. We would imagine, that there was a village with friendly trolls. And we would have a house and a troll family each. I still remember the village name and troll names.

I had a nice year, and I've only got happy memories about my childhood, until I was around 7 - 8.

When I was 7 - 8 years old, my parents chose to move to a small town. I kind of didn't really mind, because my beloved grandparents lived in the small town, and I had a couple of friends there.

I remember the last day in school before I moved.

It was the last day of school before summer holidays, and my friends were gathered outside the school.

They asked me if I would come back, and I told them that I didn't think so.

They looked very sad, and didn't really say anything. We were just quietly taking in the facts, that we probably wouldn't see each other around anymore.

Then my parents' car arrived, and one of my friends said ''I think it's time for you to leave now...'' and someone cried.

I didn't say anything. I just remember a tear running down my cheek as I turned around and walked towards the car. And it felt like the longest, most slow-motion'y walk ever. I was honestly broken.

Well, the summer went by slooowly and I played around with the friends I had in the town. It was nice.

I remember sitting by the sea and eating blackcurrant ice lollies. And the smell of warm concrete, sun and freshly cut grass.

The first day of school came. 2nd grade! 

I remember that my dad came with me, and I would stay behind his back. I felt scared and shy.

This was nothing like my other school in the capital. 

This school was grey and small and smelled like an old library. It wasn't airy at all, and you didn't have to take off your shoes by the entrance. You didn't have to wear nice clothes, like a kids summer dress and braids in your hair. You could wear a pyjamas if you'd like to.

But the children seemed nice, and they handed me some drawings and asked me to be their ''BFF''

I remember wondering why I hadn't met any of them before in this very small town.

But the first couple of weeks they were nice to me, and I liked being there...




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