English Transformation Drafts

This is just a collection of my drafts through the following month or so. These are the drafts that will lead up to my final transformation from my base text The Werewolf by Angela Carter. It involves witches, werewolves, and curses. I will include the plan as well.


10. Section Two - Draft 4

There was a girl, a jewel amongst them,
Treated as such, loved as such.
Innocent and sweet,
And full of kindness.
She watched the burning spectacle,
Flaming balls of orange death danced,
Around her heart, into her body.
Twisting their way around her soul.


The flames made her nature rot,
Burnt away her morality,
Her facade melting,
The flames were turning her.
Making her complicit in condemnation.
No longer the Earth-born angel,
Her tongue wasn’t silver,
But the colour of the curses she shouted.


“Burn in hell!”
“Curse your families!”
“May your bones shrivel!”
“You are paying for your sins now!”
“Burn in hell, evil witches!”
“You sicken the Earth!”
“Farmland poisoners!”
“Die, burn, die!”


Their angel had spoken,
The townspeople made their stand,


“Listen to our angel!”, “What she says is true!”
“Evil witches, evil witches!”, “Die, burn, die!”


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