English Transformation Drafts

This is just a collection of my drafts through the following month or so. These are the drafts that will lead up to my final transformation from my base text The Werewolf by Angela Carter. It involves witches, werewolves, and curses. I will include the plan as well.


11. Section Three - Draft 1

Her name is Evangeline I believe,
Loved by her village, treated as everyone's daughter,
Given everything she ever wanted out of love.
Oh how they cherish her,
Thanking the lord himself,
That he would bestow upon them,
Such an angel.


She is no angel,
Never was and never will be.


Innocent she is not,
Kind she never was,
She never cared when her mother killed herself out of grief.
She never cared when her father left her and her brother.
She never cared when that brother was taken by the law.


She is pitied in the village,
She’s created a sickness here.
She doesn’t care about anyone but herself.
Selfish child.


She will hate herself now,
As I curse her with this.
No longer will she perform this,
Open facade with these good people.
No longer will she receive,
The gifts of love, from these honest people.
No longer will she be adored,
Like a true daughter, by the rotted people.
Rotted as her turned soul.


“Wolf!” they'll cry,
“Witch!” they'll scream,
“Burn in hell!” they'll chant,
“Die!” they'll weep.


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