English Transformation Drafts

This is just a collection of my drafts through the following month or so. These are the drafts that will lead up to my final transformation from my base text The Werewolf by Angela Carter. It involves witches, werewolves, and curses. I will include the plan as well.


15. Section Four - Draft 1

Slice of liver, lock of fur,
Ground up claw and maiden’s hair.


Trickle of blood,
Wings of bee,
Slab of mud,
Dried root of tree.


Wisp of shadow,
Furl of dark,
Grass of meadow,
Feather of lark.


Through nights of cold and wintery storm,
A monster, not a girl, reborn.


Come to me, my precious, my sweet,
I believe I have found you, the perfect treat.


Your signal is the dark, pierced by the moon,
Quickly now, my precious, night will be upon us soon.


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