English Transformation Drafts

This is just a collection of my drafts through the following month or so. These are the drafts that will lead up to my final transformation from my base text The Werewolf by Angela Carter. It involves witches, werewolves, and curses. I will include the plan as well.


17. Section Five - Draft 1

The jewel that once shone, will now,
Turn into a spined creature of the night.
Oh what a sight, she will be, oh she will flee,
Her life will change, perhaps she'll flee to the mountain range,
To the forest, dark and shadowed, scampering over the hallowed grounds.


She'll stumble,
And fumble and fall and cry.
She'll cry because she'll have no one to say goodbye,
To the people who once loved her, once cherished her,
The people who'd now wish she'd be punished for having the darks arts within her careless soul.


Oh how she'll hate this,
This new accursed sickness.
No longer will she perform this,
This open facade that will fool no one,
And she'll know she'll have to run,
Far away from where the gifts begun.


Adoration she will not receive,
Now nicknamed Adam’s Eve.
Maybe then she'll realise what she has become and leave.


“Wolf!” they'll cry, “Witch!” they'll teach,
“Burn in hell!” and “Die!” they'll preach.


She'll turn, in the dead of night, alone.
In the forest where now calls home.


Maybe she’ll live, and maybe she’ll die,
Maybe she’ll be stoned, or maybe she’ll fry.
Maybe she’ll have a family, keeping her darkest secret on her own,
So alone.


Maybe she'll even have a child if she acts proper.
Maybe her teeth and claws will be sharper.
Maybe she’ll kill anyone she once knew,
But this day, oh this day, she will always rue.


I gave her this punishment, this curse, as a sign,
She will murder, and on the corpses, she will dine.


Petty child, don’t you fluster,
One things for sure, you will prosper.


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