Broken Pieces

Callie Irwin is fine....well that's what people think.
Luke Hemmings is fine....well that's what people think


1. introduction

A/N: Hey guys! My name is Sydney and I'm going to try to make a good fanfiction! Hope you guys enjoyyyyy. Bye!

-Syd x

Warning: story contains self harm and other things that may be triggering to some. Please don't read if you're easily triggered.

•Callie's POV•

Do you ever feel broken? Like nobody can help you? Nobody can save you? That's how I feel. I fell apart.

It used to be worse, before Luke, Michael, and Calum stepped into my life....before I fell in love with Luke.

If your wondering why I feel this way...well:.:

I was basically born a screw up. My parents didn't want me. My own mother tried to get an abortion, and when I was born, she tried to kill me. So I was taken away. I visited many foster homes before I went to the Irwins. Me and my foster brother, Ashton, became best friends. Everything was perfect...until my foster dad walked out on us. My mum has barely been home ever since. Ash says she's "working away the pain"

Some how, everyone learned about my dad. I was bullied. A lot. Ashton stood up for me and made me feel better, even though they treated him like a low life piece of garbage. Ashton finally had enough of it. He dropped out. And when he did, I had nobody... I was alone, hurt and depressed. Then three idiots came and became my best friends, and made me promise I would never pick up a razor again.

I broke that promise.

Luke's POV•

Its so weird how everyone can believe one simple lie.

"I'm fine"

It's so sad how people can't see past fake smiles and forced laughs. I mean, do you really expect me to be fine? My mum has cancer and my dad is a drug addict. The girl of my dreams, Callie, stuck me in the friend zone. I'm trying to stay strong....but I just can't.

"Silence is the loudest cry for help"

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