Darkness In Light

2 years after the events of Total Drama All-stars, Mike and Zoey are trying to have a happier life together, but when Mike accidentally hits his head during a job, his personalities come back! Mike is happy, yet worried, wondering a if The Malevolent One will return as well.


7. "Well, I'm Fucked"

While looking for some new clothes, Mal got bored and saw a woman who was standing in line to pay, he grabbed a item off from one of the shelves and placed it in her purse. He grinned when the alarm went off when she tried to leave and she started to freak out and sob. Zoey glared at Mal

"That wasn't nice, she looked like she was going have a mental breakdown" she said

"Well, sorry, I don't get to know my victims" chuckled Mal

Zoey glared at him again, Mal grinned and whispered to her, "So whats going on during Friday with Scott?". Zoey's glare faded and she looked at him.

"How did you know I'm secretly dating Scott?" said Zoey

"I didn't you just told me" Mal smirked

Zoey mentally slapped herself and said, "Please don't tell Dawn, it'll break her heart"

Mal grinned once more and said "No promises, Red" and walked away whistling his tune, 'In The Hall Of The Mountain King'. Mal walked over to Dawn, she smiled and said, "Hello again, Mal".

"First call me Mike around Scott, second I have something to tell you" Mal smiled evilly

"Okay, 'Mike', what is it?" asked Dawn

"Your best friend and boyfriend are dating behind your back" said Mal, he said it calmly as though it was nothing

Dawn's smile faded replace by a frown "Zoey would never do that....neither would Scott" she sounded uncertain though. Mal grinned and said, "Ask farm boy for yourself then" and lead Dawn over to Scott and Zoey, who were talking in low voices. They instantly stopped and looked at the other two. Scott looked worried as Zoey had told him about how Mal had overheard there conversation earlier. Dawn looked betrayed and said, "Talk now". They froze, and they knew Mal had told Dawn everything. Scott thought, "Well, I'm fucked".

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