Darkness In Light

2 years after the events of Total Drama All-stars, Mike and Zoey are trying to have a happier life together, but when Mike accidentally hits his head during a job, his personalities come back! Mike is happy, yet worried, wondering a if The Malevolent One will return as well.


2. "This Is Only The Beginning"

Mal woke up, his head hurting, he looked around and found himself on the basement floor, he got up and walked up the stairs, avoiding the broken step. He brushed his hair up to look like Mike's hair and walked into the kitchen where Mrs. Forester was making some food, she smiled when she saw him, "Oh, hello Mike, have you finished fixing my pipes?"

Mal coughed and changed his voice to match Mikes, "Yes, I did" Mal gave her fake smile

She smiled back and said, "Thank you, here is your pay" and handed Mal $200

Mal took the money and walked out, muttering, "Stupid old woman...", he went to Mike's car and drove back to Mike and Zoey's home. As he entered, he was tackled by a red blur, he landed on the ground, he resisted the urge to yell and injure whoever did that. Zoey smiled at him and said, "Hey, how was work, Mike"

"It was okay" said Mal

Zoey got off of him, Mal got up and walked into the kitchen and asked, "We got any beer or vodka?". Zoey stopped and wondered why Mike needed alcohol, he never drank before and neither did she.

"We don't have any, but I could go and get some" said Zoey

"That'd be great, I also need a pack of smokes too, thanks Zoey" said Mal, who went and walked into the living room and sat down on the couch.

Zoey looked shocked at her boyfriends sudden change in behavior, but just shrugged and walked outside to go get him the things he needed, leaving Mal alone in the house. Mal watched her leave and grinned, "Perfect", he let his hair fall back down, covering his left eye and got up to search around Mike's house. He found a switchblade under the couch and pocketed it, a lighter on top of Mike's dresser, he pocketed that as well. He grabbed a picture of Mike and Zoey kissing and started to burn it. He watched the flames slowly destroy the picture, he smiled and whistled his tune, laughing evilly, he thought mentally to Mike and the others, who could see everything Mal did, "This is only the beginning, Mike I am going make Zoey's life a living hell".


Zoey came back 20 minutes later with a six pack of beer, a bottle of vodka, and a pack of cigarettes, she handed them to Mal, who swiped them out of her hand, without so much as a thank you. Mal was watching a documentary on WWII and how the Nazis tortured and murder over 6 million Jews and others, he wasn't frowning or crying, the way most people did when the watch something horrific, he was grinning and chuckling. Zoey sat next to him and looked at hi with a look of worry on her face, Mal noticed and sighed knowing he had to act like Mike or he would never be able to fool her. Mal plastered a fake smile on his face, and said, "What's wrong, Zoey, you don't look okay"

"I'm just worried about you, it's been two years since your lost your personalities and defeated Mal, but you don't seem okay, you never drank or smoked before" Zoey started to tear up

Mal rolled his eyes and said, "I'm okay now, don't you worry" and kissed her on the cheek, trying not to grimace. Zoey blushed and hugged him, Mal hugged back, rolling his eyes and whispering, "Be prepared, Red, I'm gonna make your life a living hell". Zoey didn't notice, maybe she did or maybe she didn't, either way, she had no idea of the pain and misery Mal was going to put her through.

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