Darkness In Light

2 years after the events of Total Drama All-stars, Mike and Zoey are trying to have a happier life together, but when Mike accidentally hits his head during a job, his personalities come back! Mike is happy, yet worried, wondering a if The Malevolent One will return as well.


6. "Something Wrong, Dawn?"

Scott was with Dawn waiting for Zoey and 'Mike'. "Great, why did Dawn have to invite Mike and Zoey, I wish we would just good on a regular date alone" he thought as he drove to pick the two up from Mike's house.


After being picked up by Scott, Mal change to look and sound like Mike when they cme, so no one was the wiser, or so he thought. Dawn looked at him and noticed his arua was a black color rather than Mike's usual blue, she remembered about Mike's evil persona named Mal from TDAS and how he had planned to kill off the other contestants and win the million dollars, but was destroyed by Mike, but now he is back somehow. She smiled a bit, thinking how handsome he was compared to Scott. Mal caught her looking and said in Mike's voice, "Something wrong Dawn?" 

"No nothing is wrong.....Mal" she said, Mal froze, Zoey and Scott were ahead of them looking at some clothes, so He changed back into his normal voice and his hair fell back down over his eye. "How did you know it was me?"

"I saw that Mike's aura was black rather than blue, and I telnet you from TDAS" Dawn said

Mal pulled her close, so close that their nose where touching, their lips centimeters from each other, he spoke softly, "If you know whats good for you, you will not tell anyone of me". Dawn whispered back, "Of course", her heart was racing , but not from fear, but from the fact that their lips were so close. Mal let go of her, change back into 'Mike', and walked back up to Zoey and Scott, who were talking about something, Mal didn't hear much except, "I can't wait for Friday" from Zoey. Mal grinned and thought to himself, 'Hehe, perfect'. His plan as going oh so perfect. 

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