Darkness In Light

2 years after the events of Total Drama All-stars, Mike and Zoey are trying to have a happier life together, but when Mike accidentally hits his head during a job, his personalities come back! Mike is happy, yet worried, wondering a if The Malevolent One will return as well.


8. "I Will Not Stop Next Time, Understand?"

Scott sighed, he knew he was screwed so he decided to come clean, "I've been dating Zoey since Total Drama All-Stars ended behind your back, I'm sorry-" SLAP!, Dawn had smacked him across the face, tears in her eyes, she ran away sobbing. Mal smirked and said, "Good job farm boy, and Zoey wow, I'd never think you'd cheat on Mike, see you two around" As he walked away, whistling his evil tune. Scott's frown of shame turned into a scowl of pure rage as he ran at Mal, "YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!!!!" and punched him in the back, Mal stumbled and grinned, "This is going to be fun" and spun around and slammed his fist straight into the side of Scott's face, he felled to the ground and Mal stomped on his face three times, he bent down to Scott's bloodied face and whispered, "Never EVER hit me again or I will not stop next time, understand?", Scott nodded and Mal walked away. Mal took a deep breath and was back inside Mike's mind. He walked over to Mike, grinning, "Guess what, Mike?". Mike had given up yelling days ago, but he looked up at Mal, all hope lost, he was broken. Mal tried not to laugh at his weaken state.

"What do you want Mal?" croaked Mike

"I just came to tell you something rather amusing" smirked Mal

'What...." whispered Mike

Mal grabbed the chains holding Mike to the boulder and broke them apart as though they were paper, and said, "Your are free"

Mike fell to the ground in a heap, he looked up at Mal, wondering if this was a trick, "Why?" he asked

"Zoey is cheating on you with Scott, and I was wondering if you wanted some revenge" smiled Mal

Mike's eyes shot wide open and he stood up, fire in his eyes, and yelled, "WHAT!?"

"I beat the shit out of farm boy, so if you wanna have a go at him be my guest, take control while I free the other personalities" Mal walked away, Mike took a deep breath and was back in control, he smiled and said, "Okay, now SCOTT WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!". Mike's yell went through the whole mall, Scott and Zoey heard it. Scott's face pale and he whispered, "Oh god......".

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