Darkness In Light

2 years after the events of Total Drama All-stars, Mike and Zoey are trying to have a happier life together, but when Mike accidentally hits his head during a job, his personalities come back! Mike is happy, yet worried, wondering a if The Malevolent One will return as well.


5. "I Will Cut Out Your Tongue"

After running down the street they found a man running on the sidewalk and Mal grinned, "Watch this", and walked over to the man and stuck his foot, the man let out a scream and fell with a sickening crunch, he had fell and broken his nose, Mal reached into the knocked out man's pockets and took out his wallet and pocketed it. Zoey looked at this and was shocked.

"Is that man okay!" she said

"Who cares?" asked Mal

"I do" Zoey said, and went to help the man up, but Mal grabbed her arm harshly and whispered softly, "Defy me again and I will cut out your tongue , got it". Zoey nodded in fear, when her phone went off, she looked at saw a text from the farm boy, Scott.

"Hey, Dawn wanted me to ask if you and Mike wanted to go to the mall with us" ~Scott

"Sure, we'd love to" ~Zoey

"Okay, see you there then" ~Scott

Mal was watching her and asked, "Who was that?"

"Scott" said Zoey

Mal grinned and chuckled, "Farm boy, whats he need?"

Zoey ignored the mean comment and said, "He asked me if we wanted to go to the mall with him and Dawn"

"Sounds fun, i guess, beats being bored with you" and Mal began to walk back to Mike's car along with Zoey.

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