Gargoyle of Irvin - Book One: The Vampire Lukas

Kiera is a 19 year old girl who is secretly a Gargoyle that was kicked out of Heaven. On Earth, she meets a man named Lukas De Lionheart who is from France. At first him and his friend, Lewis, seem okay. However, she soon finds out that they're both actually vampires! When at first they seem to only want her blood, her thoughts change when an army of ghouls charge through Paris. Will Kiera, Lukas, and Lewis have to team up to save the City of Love? Or will they stay enemies and let the city of love, become the City of Darkness?

(Rated "[Yellow]-Mature Content" because Lukas makes sex jokes, drinks a lot, and because of the killing and such.)


3. Chapter Two - Three Vampires

   The man pulled her close to him as he bared his blade-like fangs and pushed them close to the girl. She thrashed and clawed at his face, screaming at the top of her lungs for him to stop. Suddenly a frying pan flew out of no where and hit Lukas in the side of the head, knocking him away from her.


“What the hell?...” the brown haired woman said as she looked down at the unconcious vampire


“Sorry about him. I should have helped sooner.” said a new man with long black hair as he walked in with a frown “May I ask your name?”


“Kiera.” she said quickly without looking at him “Who’s this guy?”


“That’s Lukas De Lionheart. I’m Lewis De Mont Du Lake


“Mountain Dew?”


“No, Mont Du.”


“You’re name sounds like a drink still.”


“Anyways…” he turned away as she laughed “How did you get mixed up with my roomate?”


“Roomate? He said he lived alone!”


“He lies. A lot. He’s also horny a lot.”


“I didn’t need to know that…”




    They both turned to look at the angry blonde sitting on the ground. His face was red and his teeth were longer than usual. He looked at his fellow vampire in rage as he jumped up and yelled at him.


“How many times do I have to tell you not to bother me when I’m eating!!”


“Looked to me like you were getting scratched up by a girl.”


“I was not!” he looked over at his “dinner” “Was I?!”


“I’m still going to kill you.”


“See!!- Wait what?”

    She pulled out a long hand gun and pointed it at Lukas as white wings came out of her back. She had a smirk on her face as her finger set tightly on the trigger. Lukas tried covering himself for the bullet that would shoot out, but instead of a bullet, it was a flag that said “BANG!” in large letters.


“Oh yeah! Forgot that I lost my real gun!” Kiera giggled before slugging the blonde in the jaw “Well, now that he’s dealt with…”


“I haven’t done anything wrong, miss, so please don’t hurt me as well.”


“I won’t! But I need some where to sleep tonight.”


“All we have our coffins here.”


“I can sleep in those easily!”


“Well, you’ll have to sleep with Lewis…” Lukas said, standing up as he popped his jaw back into place “I’ll share with Clarissa.”


“Who’s that?”


“Papa!” a little girl yelled as she ran in from the other room “You’re home!”


“This is Clarissa. Our daughter.” Lukas smirked as he picked up the young girl with curly blonde hair


“A daughter? Are you two… Gay?”


“No! We just made her together!” Lewis yelled, blushing a little


“Okay, okay! Keep your pants on!” she laughed “Are the coffins big?”


“Sort of…”


    Lukas, Clarissa, and Lewis led Kiera to a secret room in their study. As Kiera looked around the dark room, she eyed two coffins laid out on the cold brick ground. She walked over to one of them and opened it to see the velvet lining inside with some jewels around it. In the other, was the same type of lining, only purple with no jewels.


“I take it that the fancier one is Lukas’?”


“Oui, that’s his,” Lewis sighed “Mine is simple, but comfortable.”


“That’s good…” Kiera yawed, showing them her own fangs “Can we got to sleep now?”


“We probably should, it’s almost dawn!” Clarissa squeaked


“Fine, let’s sleep.”


    Lukas handed Lewis the girl then laid down in his fancy sleeping place, before Lewis handed him Clarissa then closed the top. The black haired man walked over to his own and laid down then looked up at Kiera.


“This is weird…” she said as she slipped into the coffin with Lewis and closed the top


“It’s only for a little bit…”


“Well, yeah. I’m not a vampire. I’m something...different…”


“Oh? What might that be?”


“I’m the last of my kind. A Gargoyle…”


“A Gargoyle? The statues that guard the church?”


“That’s close to it, but what people don’t know is that there are different types. We’re not ugly like those things!”


Lewis chuckled “Okay, I believe you then. If I was still human, I wouldn’t though.”


“How long ago were you human, Lewis?...”


“400 maybe 500 years. Give or take 100…”




“Oui. During those years I was just a newborn vampire, Lukas watched over me and guided me… When I became a full grown one, I wanted to leave, but Lukas wanted me to stay, so he made Clarissa in order to get me to stay and raise her…”


“He’s a jerk.”




Lewis and Kiera jumped at the sound of Lukas’ muffled yet loud voice.




“Let’s just get to sleep…” Lewis whispered as he closed his eyes


“Good idea.” Kiera snuggled up to the vampire, making him blush a little, before falling asleep soundly in minutes.



((Sorry this took forever. I’ll see if I can upload more today or tomorrow. I was up late working on this... I hope you guys are liking it so far!))

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