Gargoyle of Irvin - Book One: The Vampire Lukas

Kiera is a 19 year old girl who is secretly a Gargoyle that was kicked out of Heaven. On Earth, she meets a man named Lukas De Lionheart who is from France. At first him and his friend, Lewis, seem okay. However, she soon finds out that they're both actually vampires! When at first they seem to only want her blood, her thoughts change when an army of ghouls charge through Paris. Will Kiera, Lukas, and Lewis have to team up to save the City of Love? Or will they stay enemies and let the city of love, become the City of Darkness?

(Rated "[Yellow]-Mature Content" because Lukas makes sex jokes, drinks a lot, and because of the killing and such.)


2. Chapter One - In the Night

    A young man with golden blonde hair and a gleam in his ice blue eyes strolled down the dark street of Paris during his midnight walk. He looked around and listened carefully before turning down an alley way where a man was sitting on the ground looking through a bag in his hand.


"It's not good to steal from people," the elegant man said with a smirk


The man on the ground jumped up and turned around "And who are you to tell me that?!"


"I am Lukas De Lionheart..." he suddenly appeared in front of the other "And I'm telling you that, because you should die.~"


    Before the man could even conjure up a scream, Lukas grabbed him by the front of his shirt and slammed him against the wall of the alley. He gave an evil smirk before moving close to the man and sinking his teeth into his neck. The man tried fighting by pushing and kicking, but the vampire was stronger. Soon, the thief fell limp after all the life was sucked out of him within seconds.


"Though it is bad to steal..." he threw the dead man into a trash can before walking back out onto the street "Stealing someone's life isn't so bad, as long as you can stay alive."


    The blonde continued his walk down the stone path before stopping as he saw a girl walking around in confusion. Lukas smiled and walked over to her.


"Puis-je vous aider , chère dame? (Can I help you, dear lady?)" he asked her in French


"No, I'm fine. I'm just trying to find my pistol."


"Your... pistol?"


"Yeah, it's a type of gun. You shoot people with it."


"I understand that, but what I don't understand is why you would have one."


"I use it to ki-" she stopped for a second and thought carefully before answering "I use it for defence!"


"Somehow, I don't believe you..." he gave a sigh "Would you like to come to my house? I'm sure I can get you a better pistol."


"Fine, but don't try anything on me, or I'll kill you."


Lukas laughed "Okay, mon cher."


    The young woman and Lukas walked together into a nearby apartment where they went to the top floor and into a large part of it. The girl looked around in awe at all the decorations and lighting that filled the rooms with light.


"Do you like it?"


"Well, it's pretty. Do you live alone?"


"For now, yes..." he smirked and suddenly grabbed her by the throat "My loneliness needs some filling, so I think you'll be my second course tonight.~"


"L-Let go!"


"Not until you're dead.~"

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