Gargoyle of Irvin - Book One: The Vampire Lukas

Kiera is a 19 year old girl who is secretly a Gargoyle that was kicked out of Heaven. On Earth, she meets a man named Lukas De Lionheart who is from France. At first him and his friend, Lewis, seem okay. However, she soon finds out that they're both actually vampires! When at first they seem to only want her blood, her thoughts change when an army of ghouls charge through Paris. Will Kiera, Lukas, and Lewis have to team up to save the City of Love? Or will they stay enemies and let the city of love, become the City of Darkness?

(Rated "[Yellow]-Mature Content" because Lukas makes sex jokes, drinks a lot, and because of the killing and such.)


1. A Letter of Importance (I guess...)

    Bonjour, everyone!~ Uchini Masakaki here with another story!~


    This is a book for my friend Kiera who is my best friend and roleplay buddy! The stories with Kiera the Gargoyle are based off of our Roleplays, so it should be fun! But, we used a lot of Anime characters so the bad thing with it getting turned into a real book is that the characters aren't original, so I had to change them around. You can probably guess most of the characters even though I changed them.


    Even though the characters are based off of Animes, some are from other novels, my own characters, video games, and other stuff. It will be hard to change them, but I bet I can do it!


    This is book One in the series though. Here is a list of the series so far...

Book One: The Vampires of Paris

Book Two: The Hunter of Scotland

Book Three: The Clockwork of England

Book Four: The Child of Hell

Book Five: The Yandere of Russia

Book Six: The Yokai of Japan


     These will most likely change, because I'll end up remembering a lot more later on. My favorite one of them is the second one, because it's actually really cute and cool to me. 


    Anyways, hope you enjoy, as always!

Especially you, Kiera!

I hope you like it the most!


----Uchini Masakaki (H.T.Kunyama)----

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