Searching for wife

This is about how William and Kate met, but in a different way! Hope u like it.


3. My bro

"What's up with him." I asked. " since you left, he's been like that, going to clubs, bringing different girls in the palace and doing all of that bad boys things. He don't act like a prince. We tried talking to him but he just shoo us away." Mother replied with tears in her eyes." i'll go talk to him." I said.

"Hey bro, are you ok. What's up with you?" I asked Harry. I look around his bedroom and it look so different from how it use to be. Harry was lying on his bed playing on his phone. He look up at me and then turn back around to look at his phone." Nothing, go away." He told me. " I am not going to leave until you tell me why you're giving mother and father trouble." I exclaimed." He look up and yelled," let me be!""Tell me now or else I won't leave" I exclaimed with a mean face. "Okay if you want to know, first sit down and I'll tell you why." I sat down on the bed next to him said," I'm all hears." He sighed and sat up," well when you left it was boring around here, I had to do something. When you left to go to university, I didn't have anyone to be with, no one to tell my secrets to, no one to talk to and keep my company. I was bored. They send this kid my age to talk to but he was not like you and I didn't like him. So I would sneak at night with my friends to the club and that was the only fun place i'd be.Mother and father were too busy and the only thing they talk about was you." Harry said. I tried to hold myself from crying but I just couldn't, I hug him and told him I'll always be there for him. We heard a knock on the door.It was a girl. I told her she could leave and that we were sorry but we didn't need her anymore. She left angrily. I spent the whole day with my bro.

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