Searching for wife

This is about how William and Kate met, but in a different way! Hope u like it.


4. Hey

1 week later
Kate p.o.v

"Oh how I hate Queen Diana, she stole my place, me and Charles had a thing until she came along." My mother exclaimed, while putting a pile of flowers and fruits in a bag. Queen Diana requested for them and my mother was the organizer of the ball tonight."Mother, you've told me this like a million times." I said annoyingly." I'm sorry but I really hate that lady, she took my place of being the queen, but she'll pay, oh yes she will. And I'll rule." I looked at my mom unbelievably." Whatever mother, just gave me the things so I could take it to the stupid ball and come back to do some of my homework." She gave me the things and I took my bicycle to ride it to the palace. You may be wondering why a 22 years old woman like me don't have a car and has to ride a bicycle, well it's because 1. My mom is too cheap to buy me one, she said that because of Queen Diana we are poor 2. My mom won't let me use her car because she thinks I'll mess the only car she has and 3. The palace is about 15 minuites from my house if you are riding a bicycle. I looked at the time and realized that I was getting late so I rode my bicycle quickly. They needed the flowers at 6:30 and it's already 6:26. The ball is at 7:00. Finally when I reached the palace it was 6:45, I ran as fast as I could and I bumped in to someone." I'm so sorry." He said. " No its fine, I just need to take this to the queen as fast as I can because I'm already late." I said while he and I tried picking up the bag. When we were done I looked up and saw who I had bumped in to, right in front of me was the so called, Prince William.Since I was not like those girls that I had a crush on him, I didn't really care." Uum, what do you need to give to the queen." He asked with a concern face." No its just these flowers and fruits for you know the ball. My mom is the organizer but she was not able to bring it so I told her I would." I said. " Oh ok then I'll give it to her." I handed the things to him saying thank you. As I turn around I saw about 30 well dressed girls entering the room. They were all beautiful, I looked down at what I was wearing and it was just ordinary blue jeans with a pink shirt and jacket( I am not much a dresser). I couldn't believe that many girls had just enter a stupid competition just for one guy." Dang, that's a lot of girls!" I exclaimed." Yup, and they are all from different  parts of England." He said." And they all came for you, its funny how everyone wants to be a queen these days." I said." Yeah, and they don't even know how hard it is to be a leader." I looked at him in a confused way. I thought he liked being a prince it should be the best thing in anyone life like how my mother so badly wants to be a leader. My thoughts were interrupted when a blonde hair woman said," you're highness, the girls are ready for you to meet them." " well OK, can you please give this to my mother and tell her it was sent by the organizer. She was not able to come but her daughter brought it.Tell her I forgot to give it to her sooner." The prince said." OK!" The lady replied and took the bag and left." Thanks!" I said shyly. " you're welcome, and it was nice meeting you. Whats your name. I know you already know me so I don't have to introduce myself." I didn't know if I should tell him my real name but I did any way." My name is Kate." I said with a smile." Nice to meet you Kate, what a beautiful name," he said, I kind of blushed," what's your number." He asked me. I replied and said," well I don't give my number to people that I don't know." I didn't want to like him, I knew that would unplease my mother." OK then my name is Prince William and I'm the the prince of Europe, I go to the University of St. Andrew." I giggled and said, " I still don't know you but here I'll give you my number." I give it to him and we said bye and I left to go home. When I reached home I saw my mom getting ready for the ball. " why did you take so long, if you're going to the ball you have to hurry up because I'm about to leave." I thought if I should go and decided that I won't because I had a lot of homework I had to catch up with. After my mom left I went in my room to do my homework. While doing it I heard my phone ringing. I knew it couldn't be Prince William because he's busy. When I looked at my phone I saw that it was Willem, my boyfriend. I answer the phone and said hello. " Hi babe, I was wondering if you want to go to the club tonight with me and the others." Since I had a lot more homework I had to do, I said " No, I'm really busy with some homework right now but have fun." I said. I really wanted to go but I had a lot of homework to do and I didn't want to fail." OK, well bye. If you change your mind call me, OK." He said. " OK, bye have fun." I said. He said bye and did a kissing noice. I smiled and continued doing my homework.

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