Searching for wife

This is about how William and Kate met, but in a different way! Hope u like it.


2. Coming home

William p.o.v
Mother, Father, I'm so glad to see you guys again. Its been forever." I said excitedly. " William, oh my god , what are you doing here. How was college." Mother said with tears.She hug me and give me a kiss. "Splendid," I replied hugging my father," I wanted to surprise both of you." "Where is the girl?" Mother asked. I was confuse," what girl?" I looked around." You mean you came back without a girl, for godsick, you are going to be crowned within two months and you don't have a queen." Father said." What, I didn't go to college to look for a queen, I went there to get an education." "This is not a joke, William, we need a queen.Wait you know what, since you're having trouble finding a bride, we'll have a ball, and collect some well looking and train girls, for you to pick from."" What ever mother, has long as I pick, not you guys. I'm hungry let's go eat." I said. I love my parents but sometimes they are a pain, they worry about everything. " Will, welcome back!"" Brother!" I hug Harry."You look so big, and look, you're growing facial hair." I said, touching Harry's chin. My brother now has reddish brown hair and growing a beard. "I'm not going to stay has a baby, you know." Harry said annoyed." Oh guess what , Harry, your brother is going to have a bride choosing ball!" Mom said excitedly." Do I get to choose too," Harry asked. "No, and it's because he's getting crowned in 2 months." Father said. " Is it always about him, " Harry said angrily, " Anyway, a girl would be here in about 30 minutes, send her to my room."

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