Flame Thrower

Colt Harbinger, a thief who steals a rare item is being hunted down by agents who hold a peculiar ability. The item that he has consumed, grants him the power of throwing fire from his hands.


1. Stolen

An iron box held something inside, something so valuable it could be worth a fortune. It is kept in the safest of all places. There's laser beams to keep any thief from entering. The box sat on top of a platform, that if removed, the alarm system will go off.

As guards are on patrol day and night, and with no way of hacking into the system, a thief has to think smart before they can get to it. And so far, none has been successful.

A young man by the name of Colt Harbinger is able to sneak in through security undetected. With careful planning, he is able to reach the room by hanging from the ceiling.

As the lasers are still activated, he has yet to hack into the system before getting to the box. Of course he knew it is impossible as the lasers are so close together there's no way of getting it. He'd have to try something else.

As a security guard entered the room, he pressed the button to pull himself up on the ceiling before he could get caught. The guard looked around and then up at the ceiling. A can was thrown, filling the room with gas. It sent the guard straight to sleep.

He wore a gas mask and pressed the button to bring himself down to take the key card from the guard's pocket. Removing himself from the harness, he swiped the key card and entered the pass code to shut down the security system.

The lasers switched off, and he was free to take the box. As he did, the platform lifted. An alarm blared with a whirling red light. Security guards armed with guns, broke in, "Freeze!" One said, "Put your hands up where I can see them!"

He let out a sigh and did what he said. The box stayed where it was, on the platform. One of the guards noticed something a little off.

He flicked open the cans he hid in the sleeves of his coat and tossed them back, "Shit!" The guard shouted. The cans beeped once and created a mini explosion, blasting them back.

He took the box into his backpack, clipped back onto the harness, and pulled himself up through the ceiling. More security guards hurried to catch this guy, firing their guns as he escaped from the building and over the wired fence.

No one, not ever, got away that easily. He's the first of many to accomplish this difficult task. He's heard a few stories of what they kept inside the box, rumours of course. No one besides the one, who made it, has seen this rare item with their own eyes.

Using a blowtorch, he melts away the lock on the iron box. He pulls up the mask, and goes to open it. Inside held what looks to be a star, sitting in the centre.

He picks it up to take a look. It appears to have copper on the front with an opening, and on the back you could see the purple liquid inside.

This item, worth over a million, is just a star of unknown liquid. He's heard of the item containing a unique form of serum. He doesn't know as of yet of what it does.

He puts it back in the box and pulls off the gloves, leaving them with the mask. His dealers will be here soon. Switching off the light, he locks the door to the basement.

The phone rings. He picks up to answer, "Hello?" There was only noise on the other end of the line, and then a ringing sound. He hung up, must've been a prank call.

He checked outside his window, the car pulled in, they're here. He lets them in; the two thugs were ready to strike the deal. He leads them to the basement where he kept the box waiting.

They pull out a suitcase full of money, not yet ready to give to him until they see the profit. He draws the box over to them so they can see it for themselves.

By the time they open the box, their smiles dropped, "It's not in here." One of them said. That's impossible, he had it right there inside the box and had the door locked. There's not even a window in sight. Who could've taken it?

With a puzzled expression, he took back the box to have a look. They're right, it's not in there. They took back the suitcase, "I'm afraid, without the item, the deal's off until you find it."

They bid him farewell and left. He checked the room for it, where would it be? He couldn't have misplaced it. The phone rang again. He leaves the basement frustrated and picks it up, "What?" He said in a slight angry tone.

More static came through the line, and he had enough of this, "Look, whoever's calling, I'll find you and I will kill you, you got that!?" He hung up.

Headlights flashed by the window. He checked. Another car pulled up in. A man and a woman dressed in a business suit and a pair of shades came knocking at the door.

He had to pull himself together. He took a deep breath and answered. The woman spoke quickly, "We're from the Unknown Forces. We'd like to ask you a few questions if that's alright." She flipped open her wallet revealing a badge in the shape of a triangle with the All-Seeing Eye.

He blinked, "Unknown Forces?" He shook his head, "Never heard of ya." She closes her wallet and puts it back in her suit, "No one has. We're a secret service." She said, "Now, please, may we come in?"

He shrugged, "I don't see why not." Taking a step back, the pair entered his home. They checked their surroundings, "Quite a home you have here, Mr. Harbinger."

That's a first anyone's said. He looked to her, amazed, "How did you know my name?" They sat on the couch, "We know a lot about you. You aced high school, dropped out of college, and became a professional in crime, a thief. May I go on?"

He cleared his throat, "Not at all." He looks to the guy next to her and asked, "Does he talk?" She looks to him as he said, "I do."

Things got a little awkward between them, "So what questions must you ask me?" The man said, "We'd like to know where you kept the prized artefact." He cleared his throat, "Prized artefact?"

She continued, "The box in which you stole, it holds something so valuable. If you haven't sold it already to an appraiser, we need it." They're going to be in a bit of a shock to find that he no longer has it.

He watched them, nervously, "I don't have it. It was in the box but now it's gone and if you don't believe me. Go see for yourself."

They looked to each other. He took the box up to show them. They opened the lid, "This is unspeakable. That little brat must've taken it." She said. He looked to her, puzzled, "Little brat?"

They closed up the box, "Thank you for your time, Mr. Harbinger. I believe we're done here." They got up to leave. Who were they talking about, a child? How could a child take it? No one else was in the house.

Taking the box back down into the basement, he switched on the light. As he puts it back on the table, he notices something odd; very faint footprints.

He looked for more, but there were none, only a pair of small feet in the dust, how was this even accomplished? There's only one pair of small footprints with no starting point, unlike his leading up the stairs.

He leaves the basement, only to find a young woman standing there holding a gun, "Where is it, where'd you keep the serum!?"

What is with everyone? First he steals it, and then it goes missing. Now everyone wants it from him. He shouts, "I don't have it anymore!"

She fired the gun. It hits passed his head, "You didn't flinch?" She said, surprised. He growled, "I've been shot so many times I no longer fear guns." He took it from her hands, "Who are you?"

She stammered, "Bella, Bella Swan." He gave her a look, "Seriously?" She sighed and tried again, "Ok, it's just Bella. I'm not giving you my last name."

He puts the gun on the table, "Well, Just Bella, what can you tell me about this serum as to why everyone wants it so bad? So far you're not the first to come over here and ask for it."

"That information is classified. I cannot tell you anything about it, only that it's important."

He took the gun up to her head, "How about you tell me, or I'll shoot you?" She broke into a nervous sweat, "Go ahead. There'll be more."

"You're willing to risk your life to keep this information from me?"

She nodded, "Affirmative." He smirked, "Affirmative, right." He said, holding the gun away from her head and placed it back on the table, "Who talks like that?"

As she watches him closely, he didn't plan on doing anything, "So you're not going to shoot me?" She asked. He sighed, taking stuff out from his bag, "Not worth the effort."

She felt a sense of relief. He turns back to her, unrolling some weapons out, "You are going to tell me one thing though. Who do you work for?"

"I work for no one, well...I use to, but not anymore."

He checks the ammo in one of his pistols, "Is it that Unknown Forces?" Her eyes widened, "They were here?"

"They were."

She fiddled with her fingers, anxiously, "You say you don't have the serum, may I ask why?" He cocked the gun, "Not sure, but I found a pair of footprints that may be from a child. I was gonna sell it to one of my dealers, but it wasn't in there. The box, I mean."

She muttered, "A child..." he looked up at her, "You ok?" She nodded, "Yes, it's just...we have to get it back!" He put his hands on her shoulders, and she calmed down, "Why's this so important to you?"

"I thought that if I gave it to them, they'll let me back in."

He took a step back, "All this for to go back to that? Who are the Unknown Forces anyway?" She looks down, "Just...people." He put his hand over hers to stop her from fidgeting, "You're quite anxious for someone who can handle a gun."

She was quivering. What got her so worked up? He's never met anyone so anxious. She keeps looking to the door, expecting someone to barge in at any moment, "We're running out of time." She fidgeted.

He gave a stern look, "What do you mean we're running out of time?" Her breath became heavier like going through a panic attack. He stops to hear the sound of tapping on the roof. She covers her head and gets down, "They're coming for you!"

He looks down at her, "Who's coming for me?!" She sobs and shakes her head, "Para!" The ceiling crack where a hole is punctured through.

Rising from the dust was a tall man full of muscle. He cracks the joint in his neck and looks to them with clouded white eyes.

He aims and fires the pistol. The bullets reflect off his skin, "What the f..?" He paused as the man shakes the house with every step he took.

She gets in the way, "Stop! He doesn't have it!" He didn't care. He pushes her aside and continues to approach him. She fell to the floor by the force of his strength.

He aims again and shoots, the bullet hit into his eye. He growled and wailed, putting a hand over it. Blue blood was oozing out, "That isn't normal." He said.

The big guy pulls out a chair and snaps off the metal leg to use for a weapon. He swung for his head, and he ducked. The leg ended up breaking the table instead.

He continued swinging at him, until an invisible force pushed him over. The girl stood there with her palm raised. He turns and growls. She was his target now.

He takes up the gun again and fires, hitting him in the back of the head. He turns again, and then another shot hit him in the same eye. He wailed and collapsed to the floor in a puddle of blue.

He lets out a sigh. That was close. He got up off the floor with many more questions running through his mind, "What the hell was that?!" She kicked away the metal pole from his hand, "That was a Para. They're specialised in termination."

He growled in anger, "Termination?! Great, that is just peach!" He waves the gun around, "I have people come by to take a serum from me, and now I have people who want to kill me!?"

She looks down, "Yes..." He grunts and kicks the half of the table as he continued to yell, "This blows!" He closed his eyes for a minute, "Who was that guy, how was it that bullets didn't even pierce his skin?" She steps over the broken table as he continued, "And you, how did you do that?"

"It's very difficult to explain as of now. We must make haste, the serum?"

He no longer cared for that anymore, "Pfft, screw that. Just creates more trouble." He lied back on the couch. She glared, partly sad, "So that's it, you're just going to give up?!" He made himself comfortable, leaving the gun at his side and crossing his arms, "Yep, unless you can tell me what its use is?"

He's just as stubborn as ever, "There's no time!" She flailed, "Do you want more coming through the ceiling!?" He growled, having enough of her bickering, "Oh will you shut up!? You're such a headache." He put a hand to his forehead.

As things got silent between them, he got up off the couch and into the kitchen, "Now what are you doing?" She said. Taking a bottle from the fridge, he said, "Getting a beer." He popped the cap off and gulped it down.

She crossed her arms, looking away in disgust. He walked by with the bottle in his hand, "You don't need me, why not look for it yourself?" He dropped back on the couch. She fiddled with her fingers again, "You took the box under difficult security. Unknown Forces believe you to be the one."

He smirked in disbelief, "The one...the one for what?" She looks down, "That I don't know." He turns to her with narrowed eyes. Walking over, and standing face-to-face, he said, "You know what I think? I think you do know, but you won't tell me." He took the last sip of his beer and sat on the couch.

She sighed, "It's better to leave than to stay here. That Para you shot, there will be more like him, but a lot difficult to handle." He appeared to not be listening, and this made her a tad frustrated, "Stay or don't stay, it's better for me not to risk my life to a fool, such as yourself."

He left the bottle by his feet and got up, "I'm not asking you to." As he walked through the hall, she asked, "Where are you going?" He looks back to her and said, "I gotta take a piss." That's lovely to hear, she rolled her eyes.

She turns to a picture frame sitting on the desk. She picks it up for a closer look; the photo was a close up picture of him and a girl. She had dark hair just like him. Hers is long and straight, as his looks the same as it does now, short and scruffy. Their eye colour is almost the same, too, except hers is half blue in one eye.

He startled her, "What are you doing?" She put the picture back on the desk, "Nothing. I..." She turns to him and looks back at the girl in photo, "Who's she?"

His eyes softened, and then he blinked, looking away. The girl in the photo's a lost memory, "No one." He flips down the picture frame and packs up his bag before taking it, "Whatever happened to her?" She asked again.

He stops at the door, remembering the last moment he had with her. She cried on the phone behind the glass. He was visiting her that day. She got caught for stealing and he didn't. That's when she called it off, she couldn't do this anymore.

He closed his eyes and said, "She left." He went out the door. She looked down in pity. He once had someone close to him, and they shattered his heart like broken glass. It got her thinking that maybe the girl's the reason why he's like this. He's in desperate need of fixing.

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