5 second of summer imagines

cute 5sos imagines


5. you'll be okay princess (calum)

gabbys pov:

i was getting dressed whistling don't stop. Today i was going to surprise Calum for his birthday.

gabbys outfit

i skipped across the street where Calum lives. i counted to three before i ran inside. "HAPPY BIRTH-"

"OH MY GOD" i ran to the body laying on the floor by the stairs. "Calum" i whispered as you saw a pool of blood by his weak body. i reached into my pocket getting my phone. 

"911 whats your emergency?"


a few days later:

"its been 4 days.." i say sitting next to the hospital bed with Calum laying there. He looked so vulnerable. "You know i haven't left ... but the nurses are cool." i say chuckling. "please dont leave me baby..i love you..your the only one that keeps me sane.." you were interrupted by a beeping noise. "NO" i scream as doctors ran into the room. i stood there scared. "ma'am i need you to leave the room" a nurse says gently pushing me out.


"i love you" Calum says as his chin rests on my head. "i love you to" i respond nuzzling my head into his chest. "gabby we need to make a promise." he starts. "okay." i said. "promise me we'll never leave each other. i smile. "i promise Calum."

gabbys pov:

i fall to my knees as the memories flood through my mind. i look up only to see a doctor looking down at me with pitiful eyes. "i'm so sorry for you-" i sob cutting him off. "no no no" was all i could say.

calums pov:

"i'm so sorry, you'll be okay princess." i say as death takes me.

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