5 second of summer imagines

cute 5sos imagines


9. you found me (michael)

 'I found god on the corner of first and amistad. where the west was all but one. all alone smoking his last cigarette.'

I turned the corner of the dark street. The crispy air hit me every step I took. I looked around taking in my surroundings. The darkness took over the alley, the only light you could see was the glitching street light. I saw a shadow of  human against a wall with the occasional light of his cigarette. I quickly walk past and take a quick glance of the man. I freeze as I see a bright green haired boy that I was hoping never too see again. I took in a shakey breath that got his attention. Of course he couldnt see my face as my back as turned to him with my head down. I finally spoke up making the thick silence disappear. "Where have you been?' I ask keeping my voice calm. I turn my body so that he can see the hurt on my face. The hurt he caused. "y-y,n..wha-what? ive missed you, i tried-" "Where have you been?" I repeated cutting him off. "Im so sorry." He whispered. "Im sure you are." i respond chocking back my tears. I slowly walk up to him stopping right in front of him noticing his once slump figure leaning against the wall, now stood straight up off the hard brick wall facing me. "He took in a breath as if he was about to say something, but i took him off guard grabbing his waist hugging him. A tear slipped down my cheek. He hugged back squeezing me into his large figure. We stood there in silence enjoying our embrace. I finally let him go and backed away. "I wanted to give you one last hug." I said. "no please y/n-" "bye michael."


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