5 second of summer imagines

cute 5sos imagines


1. picnic date (calum)

your pov


you lay in bed still devastated from a breakup that happened last night. You couldnt get over the fact that he got over you. *ding* was the annoying sound you heard from your phone that was beside you.


hey princess, i heard about you and jack...what a buttface.. i hate seeing you this way, come outside i have a suprise for you

love ya xoxo

you smile as you read the text from your long time best friend. you reply with a short okay and run to get ready. you finally decided what to wear.


you raced down the stairs excited to see calum.

you open the front door only to reveal a very handsome calum thomas hood.

"you ready to go?" he asks. "yea.where are we going exactly?" you ask. "its a suprise babygirl." he says smirking as we walk towards the car. you blush at his nickname but quickly scoff to cover up. He opens the car door for you and you hop into the jeep. The whole car ride was filled with greenday playing quietly in the back ground. you couldnt focus on anything, as you sat in the passenger seat looking out of the window you couldnt stop thinking about your feelings towards calum. youve always had a thing for him since 4rth grade but ignored it. "helloooo" you heard him say beside you. "oh sorry what" you say "we are here" calum says getting out heading to your side of the car opening the door for you. you mumble a quiet 'thank you' and follow behind him. He goes to the back seat picking up a picnic basket. you look up at him to see he was smiling wide. "i bring fooooood" he grins skipping towards a spot under a tree. "your a dork cal" he just smiles as you sit next to him. "so what fooooood do you have" you ask mimicking him. calum rolls his eyes and starts to speak, "i brought us some pb&j sandwiches with strawberrys and two fantas" he says while pulling out the curious items. "well okay then" you grab your sandwhich and begin to eat as you look ahead enjoying to view. "um y/n.." you hear beside you. "yea?" you say turning towards calum.


calums pov:

i hold my breath for a few second and turn back to y/n.

"i have to tell you something" i start mentally preparing myself for the worst.she responds with a "go on"

"iminlovewithyou" i say quickly.


your pov:


"iminlovewithyou" calum says.

you sit there staring at him in surprise. "you what?" you ask thinking you mightve mis-heard.

"i-im in love with y-you." he repeats staring back at you. to your own surprise you grab his face with both hands and pull him into a kiss. he quickly grabs your waist pulling you towards him so that you were on his lap with both legs on each side of his body. "im hoping this means you feel the same way..?" i says looking at you with hopeful eyes.

"it does.. im in love with you calum." and with that you both enjoyed the rest of your picnic.

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