5 second of summer imagines

cute 5sos imagines


4. 'i miss you' (michael)

"hey y/n, i had a good day at the studio today. we wrote a new song.. well i wrote it, for you . its not really official but were figuring it out." he pauses and chuckles. "any way, Kate is doing good in learning her abc. I'm so proud of her. She looks more and more like you everyday." he smiles as a tear escapes his eye. "oh Luke finally got a girlfriend! Ashton's still pretty torn. you know with his breakup and all.. he's back at work though.. and Calum is still with gabby, he's going to propose to her soon, do not tell anyone i told you!!" he lets out a small chuckle. "you know... the house is really empty without you. Kate and i miss you so much. oh and your mom came to visit just the other day she's been coming over a lot lately . she's been looking out for us.. we've been looking out for her too. your dad hasn't really come out of the house. we've all been worried... but don't worry he'll be better soon. i have to get home before Kate comes back from Lauren's house. i love you princess... 'i miss you' "

and with that he placed a rose he bought before he came and put in on your grave. he looked at it for a few seconds before wiping the stray tears. before walking away waiting for the next day to visit you again.


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