5 second of summer imagines

cute 5sos imagines


3. he cheats (ashton)

your pov:

when you stood on the other side of that door you didnt know what would come spilling out. you didnt know whether the harsh rumors were true of if he was actually a loyal guy. but when you got a call from your best friend saying he was seen walking out of a bar holding a girls hand, you couldnt handle it. you didnt want to call him or try to reason with him on the phone, you just went straight over hoping that this was all a dream and that youd wake up soon.

so that brings us here. you standing behind a door too scared to see what was about to be seen. your shaking hands meet the door knob and you opened the door only to reveal what you had been frightened to see... A girl who had covered her body with the wrinkled bed sheets that they had been on. Next to her was a guilty ashton who was running towards you after putting his boxers on. "y/n please listen to me!!" was all you heard as you ran out the door with tears prickling in your eyes. you started the car engine and drove to your house slamming and locking the front door not wanting anyone to bother you. your phone was blowing up with texts and calls from what you presumed was ashton. you ran into your room sliding down on the door making it close. tears where streaming down your face.. and thats when you knew that you were breaking.

after crying for a few minutes you heard banging at your front door. you didnt get up and just hoped it would stop but it didnt. you slowly opened your door and made your way downstairs. once you got to the front door you unlocked and opened it only to reveal a tear stained ashton.

"im so so-" you cut him off. "no ashton your not..you cheated and i dont know what i did wrong but whatever it was im sorry but i am not forgiving you. you took 2 years of my life,and i trusted and love you. but i cant anymore. you used me and i cant.. i cant" you stopped for a few seconds taking in a shaky breath. "im just done." and with that you closed the door. you heard ashton let out a sob and with that you sobbed as well. you couldnt handle the pain anymore. he was all you had, but now..hes gone.

without thinking twice you ran upstairs to your restroom grabbing a bottle of pills. you stood there shaking and sobbing staring at your hand that contained the small pills that would be taking your life. you were about to put them all in your mouth until you felt to hands take you into a warm embrace. you knew it was ashton but you couldnt push him away, you were too broken. after a few minutes of standing there sobbing in each others arms you heard ashtons faint voice whisper an "im sorry".

you had to forgive him. he was your everything. hes all you have.

"its okay.." and with that he hugged you tighter not letting you go. "ill never do this again, i love you" was all he repeated until you feel asleep.


authors note:

im realllllyyyy sorry if this sucked.. 0.o


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