5 second of summer imagines

cute 5sos imagines


8. halloween (ashton)

y/n pov:

"ash!" I yelled from our room. i heard footsteps coming up the stairs and an Ashton standing at the door way. "yea babe?" he asks as he walks up behind my wrapping his arms around my waist. "do we have to go to the party..?" I ask him pouting. "can we just stay home watching Netflix and do other stuff.?" I ask kissing his cheek right above his jawline. "y/n we promised Michael we would go." he whines. "fineeeeee" I spread dramatically. He chuckles "lets put the costume on." he says. we both decided to do a cute couple costume. I was were Mario and ash was Luigi.

after I put on the costume I walk out. "aw babe you look adorable." ash says giggling. "shut up." I say laughing quietly. I finally take in what he's wearing. "and you look great." I say letting out a laugh. he rolls his eyes, youre lucky I love you." I say as we both walk out the house.



 authors note:

hey guys just hoping you guys have a good Halloween... comment what ur going to be..

only if you want cx

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