5 second of summer imagines

cute 5sos imagines


2. cuddle times (luke)

your pov:

"LUCAS" you yell from the living room as you put in a movie for both of you to watch. it was a friday night and you and luke decided to have a cuddle movie night. "YESS" he finally answers back. "COME TO THE LIVING RO-NO WAIT BRING SKITTLES THEN COME TO THE LIVING ROOM" you yell. you hear a laugh from the kitchen and you let out a small giggle. you go ahead and sit on the couch waiting for luke so you can press play. "i have arrived and i bring you skittles" he says smiling. "why thank you, kind sir." you respond moving over so you guys can cuddle.

once you both finally get into a comfortable position you start the movie.


in the middle of the movie you start to get a little tired so you turn to luke seeing that he already fell asleep. you smile looking at his features. "how did i get so lucky?" you whisper to yourself. "i love you luke" you whisper once again kissing his nose, quickly going to sleep next to the love of your life.


authors note:

i know this is short but i didnt want to write tooo much for my first imagine book...

welp i hope you cute potatos enjoy the book..

love you guys

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