Can We Be Forever?

Sabrina and Nathan have always been best friends, homeschooled together.
But what happens when Nathan shows his true colors, taking away Sabrina's happy life, only to meet an amazing girl who Sabrina soon realizes she has intense feelings for?
Find out, and read 'Can We Be Forever?'


7. Chapter 7

My hands were slowly climbing up Alex's thighs when we heard a pair of voices. We pulled apart and jumped down to the edge of the creek where our clothes were and where we were hidden.

I immediately recognized the boy's voice to be Nathan's, and with spite realized the girls was Ava. They were laughing and I heard them sit down just yards away from Alex and I.

We got dressed quietly and tried to tune out the sounds of clothes being thrown and loud wet makeout noises.

We were finally dressed and crept further from Nate and Ava, and when we were far enough to not be in sight, we climbed up the embankment and made our way back to my house, hand in hand.

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