Can We Be Forever?

Sabrina and Nathan have always been best friends, homeschooled together.
But what happens when Nathan shows his true colors, taking away Sabrina's happy life, only to meet an amazing girl who Sabrina soon realizes she has intense feelings for?
Find out, and read 'Can We Be Forever?'


5. Chapter 5

By the time nightfall came, Alex and I were still wide awake. Our movie just finished, and we had watched The Conjuring.

We were super close together by the time it ended. I turned to Alex with a smile.

"Annabelle is gonna getcha!" I said in a deep, menacing voice.

Alex laughed and hit me with a pillow. My mom still wasn't home so we didn't have to worry about the noise. We got into a full blown pillow fight, cracking up.

We finally sat down, exhausted. Panting, we lowered ourselves against the bed, looking at each other, giggling every once in a while.

Alex suddenly looked serious.

"Y'know how earlier, when we were walking to your house, and they called us lesbians-"

"Freaky lesbians," I interrupted, giggling. Alex ignored me and continued,

"But you shook it off and said we weren't gay. . . Have you not been getting my signals or-"

I stopped hearing what Alex was saying, the realization striking me that Alex was a lesbian, and she liked me! Then another shockwave of reality hit, and I realized that I liked her too. A lot more than friends, as I had previously thought.

Alex was still talking, and I looked into her eyes, and she stopped and looked at me. We sat like that for a moment, then slowly began leaning towards each other, finally locking lips.

Her kiss was perfect, her lips so soft, her hands so warm on my cheeks. I knew this was perfect, and I knew this is what I really wanted.

Our kiss slowly got more passionate, and we were so invested in each other, that we failed to hear the garage door open and close, footsteps on the stairs, and my door opening. We did hear the next part, though.

"Hey, girls, just wanted to see how you were doi- OH! I'm sorry, uh, didn't mean to, mm, barge in." My mom said quickly.

I panicked a bit, not knowing how my mother would react to me making out with another girl. She smiled suddenly.

"So, you must be Alex. I've heard plenty about you, but apparently not everything," my mom said kindly.

Alex laughed.

"Sorry ma'am. I guess this was a sudden kind of thing, huh, Sabrina?"

I nodded, relief washing through me that my mom was okay with all this. She told us good night, and to not do anything we would regret, then left, pulling the door shut softly behind her.

Once we heard the door click, and my moms footsteps fade away, we turned back to each other.

"Well that went better than expected," I said with a small smile.

Alex looked at me happily, and leaned forward kissing my neck. I smiled, loving the feeling, and decided that I didn't want to do everything tonight, so we just decided making out was enough for one night.

We fell asleep curled up next to each other on my bed, and stayed like that the rest of the night.

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