Can We Be Forever?

Sabrina and Nathan have always been best friends, homeschooled together.
But what happens when Nathan shows his true colors, taking away Sabrina's happy life, only to meet an amazing girl who Sabrina soon realizes she has intense feelings for?
Find out, and read 'Can We Be Forever?'


4. Chapter 4

The day's droned on, til it was finally Friday. I couldn't wait to have Alex over. Each day we were closer than the last.

By the time school ended, we were both super excited. All we did was make plans for the night during lunch and free period.

We decided to walk home together, since I live less than a mile away from the school.

Walking home was great, except when Nathan and Ava plus her minions sped by in Ava's fancy corvette, and slowed down to throw their half drank sodas on us. We stood in shock. Their laughter pounded in our ears.

"Stupid lesbos! Nobody likes you, freaks!" Shouted Ava.

They drove away in hysterics.

Alex and I shook our heads and continued walking. I turned to Alex.

"Who are they calling lesbos? You and I aren't gay!" I said, shaking my head, brushing off the accusation.

Alex looked at me, a bit sad looking.

"Huh. Uhm, yeah. Yeah, you're right," she said choppily.

I was too pissed to pick up on her hesitation, and we continued quietly to my house, the soda drying and becoming sticky on our bodies.

We walked inside the house and my mom wasn't home, probably off who knows where acting mom-ish.

I led Alex straight to the bathroom and began peeling off my sticky clothes.

"Woah, watcha doin there matey?" Alex asked, half giggling, with her eyes wide open. I rolled my eyes.

"Well, we're both girls, aren't we? Plus, my moms been lecturing me about water preservation, so we can just share a shower. Don't worry, it's roomy," I said, still trying to take out my hair from its soda-stricken braid.

Alex only nodded, with a bit of hesitation.

I hopped in, getting the water to a good temperature, and motioned for Alex to jump in as well.

We got our shower like normal, and finally went back to our giggling selves by the time we shut off the water.

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