Can We Be Forever?

Sabrina and Nathan have always been best friends, homeschooled together.
But what happens when Nathan shows his true colors, taking away Sabrina's happy life, only to meet an amazing girl who Sabrina soon realizes she has intense feelings for?
Find out, and read 'Can We Be Forever?'


2. Chapter 2

As we walked into the lunch room, I scanned the cafeteria for Nathan, but he was nowhere to be found. Pure Nathan, probably got lost on his way to the bathroom.

Alex pulled me along to the lunch line, but we each only bought a yogurt and water. We left the line to sit down, and directly across the cafe, I spotted Nathan. Alex and I began to walk towards him, but she stopped dead in her tracks and stopped me with her.

"Alex, what are you doing?" I asked, bewildered.

She rolled her eyes and motioned to who is was cracking up with. I looked and immediately rolled my eyes as well. Who else but Ava, Brianna, Faith, and Haley?

I continued walking towards them, and Alex stopped me again. I sighed in annoyance.

"What now?" I asked. She sighed.

"Are you seriously going to sit with them?" Asked Alex.

I nodded my head, and she groaned quietly, but continued to the table. We plopped down right across from Nathan, and Ava looked at us like scum under her shoes.

"What are you losers doing here?" Ava asked, sounding annoyed.

I only smiled, and looked to Nathan, who smiled back sheepishly. He looked to Ava.

"Babe, this is Bri, and she's like my little sister. Bri, you can sit here today, okay?" He said, talking as if he were speaking to a 4 year old.

I looked at him confused but angry. Little sister? By 36 seconds!

Ava sighed and looked to her minions.

"Cmon girls, we'll catch up with Nate before Calc starts," she said sweetly. She turned and gave Nathan a kiss and walked away. He looked at me and Alex with a smile.

"Who's this?" He asked, trying to change the subject.

"This is Alex. And don't go trying to change the subject like you did no wrong! What's with the Babe and the little sister and the whole treating me like a foreign exchange student that you're forced to be nice to?! What the hell happened to you in the past few hours?!" I said, everything coming out in one angry breath.

"Woah there, Lassie! Calm it down." Laughed Alex, trying to keep the mood light.

I brushed off her comment and continued to glare at Nathan.

"And what's with your little blush when she calls you Nate? You hate being called Nate!" I continued angrily. With that he slammed his hands on the table, causing Alex and I to jump, and earning a few uninterested stares from nearby tables.

"Jeez, Sabrina! This isn't our own little fairytale anymore. I like Ava, and she's amazing once you get to know her. Her friends are a riot, too! We're going out on a date Friday, so get over it. Go home and cry because you don't have me by the neck anymore. I've made my own friends, now you can do the same."

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