Can We Be Forever?

Sabrina and Nathan have always been best friends, homeschooled together.
But what happens when Nathan shows his true colors, taking away Sabrina's happy life, only to meet an amazing girl who Sabrina soon realizes she has intense feelings for?
Find out, and read 'Can We Be Forever?'


1. Chapter 1

Ever since I can remember, Nathan has been in my life. We were even born in the same hospital room, since our mothers were roommates.

We've acted like brother and sister since forever, since our mothers were each others mothers as well. We grew up as neighbors, and had weekly sleepovers, switching houses each time.

I've always had a huge connection to only Nathan, since we were homeschooled together. Our mothers were very smart, and when they decided we needed social lives at the beginning of high school, we were already at a university level of knowledge, but nobody minded. Except me.

Walking into that first day as freshman in high school was shocking. I turned to Nathan.

"Isn't there supposed to be singing everywhere, and like, food fights?"

Nathan laughed at me and tousled my hair, as usual. He can be so annoying, but ya gotta love him.

"C'mon, Bri! Lighten up. Those are movies. This. This is real life," he said with awe. I rolled my eyes, watching him practically drool. I hate when he calls me Bri, like a smelly cheese. I like my name, Sabrina, and it is not difficult to pronounce.

"Alright, Nate. Shall we go to our classes?" He hates when I call him Nate, so I do it as revenge for the Bri calling. Nathan only shook his head with a smile and turned to me.

"The only class we have together is Calculus, so I'll meet up with you at lunch, then we'll walk together to Calc, okay?"

I nodded, and with that he walked away to his first class, and I turned to walk in the other direction. I knew where I was going since we got tours yesterday when giving administration our paper work.

My first three classes zipped by, and were Literature, Spanish, then Biology, in that order. I still hadn't talked to anybody or spoke, unless you count meekly saying here during roll call. I don't count it.

I whispered to myself, "Alright, Sabrina. One more class to go, then you can go to lunch and hang with Nate. Then only two classes after, one of which is with Nate. You can do this."

As I walked hurriedly into Geography, I was bumped into by a gaggle of giggling mean girls, and my bag spilled all over the floor.

"Oh, my bad! Maybe next time, watch where you're going, kay?" Said mean girl number one, who I assumed was the little leader. The other three girls snickered and walked into the classroom, after their main mean girl.

I bent down to pick up my books, and saw another set of hands helping me.

"Oh, you don't have to help, really. It was my fault I guess."

The girl snorted and continued to help.

"My name's Alexandra, but you can call me Alex. By the way, so not your fault. Those girls are so rude. The main one is Ava, followed by Brianna, Faith, and Haley. They can be so rude, but don't let em get to you."

I nodded with a smile, instantly liking this girl.

"OH well you probably want to know my name, huh. Well I'm Sabrina," I said smiling. "You know, you're the first person I've talked to today."

Alex smiled, "And here I thought you were just snobby."

I looked at her in confusion and she continued.

"Hello? We're in all the same classes so far today!"

We laughed together and walked into geography, and Ava shot us a dirty look, which was quickly followed by dirty looks from the rest of her minions.

Class came and went, then it was time for lunch. I looked at Alex.

"Hey you should eat lunch with me and my friend Nate?"

She nodded happily and off to lunch we went.

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